quotEx sister Cristina has a girlfriend in Spainquotand cries at

"Ex sister Cristina has a girlfriend in Spain"…and cries at L’Isola dei Famosi! dello Sport

The editorial team Thursday, April 20, 2023, 7:16 p.m

quiet gossip on theformer sister Cristina Scucciaamong the competitors of the new edition of The island of the famous. For days there has been talk of a secret friend of the castaways who, after the success of The Voice of Italy, decided to give up the veil and cassock. However, according to the latest rumors, the 34-year-old is not in love with a man but with a woman and could marry soon come out on the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi and broadcast on Canale 5 every Monday evening.

“Ex-sister Cristina Scuccia has a friend in Spain coming out at L’Isola dei Famosi”

“According to Deep Gorge, there might be “air out” under the palm trees of the show “He has a girlfriend in Madrid,” it says. – Inform the MOW portal – And why in Madrid? After giving up her vows, the former Ursulina is Scuccia moved to the Spanish capital, where she began working as a waitress and embraced her new secular, very secular life. Why are the authors counting on them so much? “It’s a touch of coming out,” blurts our anonymous (but well-placed in the entertainment world) gossip source. Indeed: “The fact that she likes women it is something that has been known in the environment for years”.

Isola dei Famosi: night of tears and fear for Cristina Scuccia what happened

The first days and The island of the famous they turn out to be anything but easy for Cristina Scuccia. Apparently the former nun he is afraid of the dark: It was Clorinne Clery who reassured her, who then spilled it all to the other competitors on the show. “He was not well, he made me tender. I found her so, very scary, sitting there petrified. I suffered from the dark and I know what it means. Once I was so scared that I fainted – said the French actress -. Yesterday he started screaming, “Oh god, what is that thing? ‘Help’. Instead, it was just a leaf. Eventually she fell asleep next to me, which calmed her. It’s pitch black here, not even a lightyou can’t see anything”. The person directly affected confirmed everything: “Now I’m fine because it’s daylight, but as soon as the lights go out it’s the same. Unfortunately, it was a very hard night, I’ll be honest.”