Experienced mountaineer freezes to death in New Hampshire39s stormy White

Experienced mountaineer freezes to death in New Hampshire's stormy White Mountains The Antagonist

Christopher Roma, a 37yearold experienced mountaineer, died while hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Before his death, Roma had made an emergency call claiming that he was “freezing” due to the harsh winter conditions. His body was recovered by helicopter two nights after the emergency call.

Rome's distress call

By Tuesday evening, Roma had sent an emergency call to her acquaintances, the New Hampshire Game and Fish Department (NHFG) said in a news release Thursday. Rome's acquaintances called 911 immediately after receiving the message.

At around 10:20 p.m. that evening, NHFG officials were informed of the problem with the Roma. “The hiker made contact with NH 911 and coordinates were obtained that placed him between Mount Bond and Mount Guyot,” the statement said. Before the conversation was interrupted, Roma mentioned the severe cold and heavy snowfall.

Delayed rescue

The first rescue teams were sent to the scene at 1 a.m. on Wednesday. However, the rescue was delayed and made difficult by snowstorms and strong winds. Conducting a helicopter rescue required contact with the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

Despite efforts, deep clouds and fog made rescue by helicopter difficult. Unfortunately, when the mountain rescue service team arrived at the scene of the accident at 5 p.m., Roma was already dead.

recovery of the body

It was decided on site that rescue teams would come down from the mountain during the night and the removal of Roma's body would be scheduled for the next morning. On Thursday, weather conditions improved, allowing the National Guard helicopter to retrieve Roma's body.


Friends near Rome organized a fundraiser to help the family pay for his funeral. Roma was well known in the mountaineering community and his death was a great loss to the community.

This incident reminds adventurers of the potential dangers posed by harsh winter weather, especially in mountainous regions. The importance of adequate preparation and knowledge of weather conditions cannot be underestimated.