Your affairs criticism of Antonio39s wife quotI39m not happy for

Your affairs, criticism of Antonio's wife: "I'm not happy for her"

To Your business One of the most exciting games of this season is taking place. In the episode broadcast on Friday, January 19th, Marika plays alongside her husband. The game ends with the blue packages popping out, but then the streak is broken and the situation becomes complicated. But a change accepted by competitors from the early stages of the game is crucial and will ultimately prove fundamental.

In fact, the couple ends up taking home 50,000 euros with the change the husband urgently wants and rejects all offers. A move by Marika's husband that was really crucial for the final victory. But many on social media have targeted Marika because she is critical of the strategies implemented for the game. In fact, Antonio decides to get rid of Package 19, which was captured at the beginning of the episode, on the 14th of the episode Sardinia.

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And right there, at the end of the episode, he finds the 50,000 euros. And so on And again: “I’m happy for him, but not for his wife Marika,” writes another user. And there are also those who criticize Antonio for not accepting the offer of 33,000 euros sooner: “He would have gone with that amount and done more than well.” In fact, Antonio did well to keep the bar straight , and so he and his wife Marika took home 50,000 euros…

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