Fabiola Gadelha Rabo de Arraia is fired from Record

Fabíola Gadelha, Rabo de Arraia, is fired from Record

Fabíola Gadelha is fired from RecordTV after five years Reproduction

Fabíola Gadelha is fired from RecordTV after five years

Published on 01/19/2023 11:17 am | Updated on 01/19/2023 11:38 am

Rio Presenter Fabíola Gadelha, known as Rabo de Arraia, was fired from Record TV last Friday. Fabíola rose to national prominence as a police reporter in Manaus in 2013 due to her interaction with Marcelo Rezende in Cidade Alerta. However, the journalist lost the limelight shortly after the mentor’s death in 2017.

“Since last year I have been analyzing and I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible [para continuar] on record. I had a conversation and we came to an agreement [de demissão]. I said I don’t care [ter contrato fixo, como celetista]. At the moment it’s better for me not to have an exclusive contract with Record,” the presenter told Notícias da TV.

“In the last two years I have received several job offers and have not been able to accept them. At Record, I couldn’t do YouTube, I couldn’t post on Instagram. Today I can no longer live on TV. We influencers too,” he concluded.

In recent years, Fabiola has dedicated herself to entertainment. She did, among other things, some small collaborations in programs like “A Hora do Faro”. “I’m very grateful to Record, but I wanted to get involved more, do more because I have more to deliver,” he said.

Fabíola Gadelha was hired by Record in 2014 after she excelled as a police reporter in Manaus. The journalist even received death threats. Fabiola worked as a reporter during the week and ran “Cidade Alerta” on Saturdays.