1674144090 Fedez wins against Codacons Federation fined E20000 for legal costs

Fedez wins against Codacons: Federation fined €20,000 for legal costs

Codacons, who asked Fedez for €1 million in the defamation lawsuit, have to pay the rapper €20,000 in damages

Posted on: 19-01-2023 15:14

Mirko Ledda


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The war goes on between the codaconsCoordination of associations for the protection of the environment and consumers as well as rappers and influencers fedez. The husband of Clear Ferragni revealed in an Instagram story the details of the latest chapter of a lengthy court case that saw him as a protagonist.

Legal battles between Codacons and Fedez: It all started with a fundraiser

The casus belli was there fundraiser launched by the rapper and his partner during the first terrible coronavirus wave in Italy, when hospitals struggled to treat the sick.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, through the club the FerragnezShe had launched an appeal for donations on the GoFundMe platform, asking fans and supporters to make a donation.

“We thought we were helping to activate a new intensive care unit at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan,” read the press release introducing the fundraiser.

“Right now, the equipment needed for Triple the number of beds of intensive care and sub-intensive care are ventilators, non-invasive ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring, monitors,” it was explained.

“Even one small donation it can make a difference. We are in close contact with the doctors at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Funds raised will be donated directly to the hospital to strengthen critical care,” the note concluded.

Codacons against Fedez, fundraising "like Malika": Complaints fly

You may be interested Codacons against Fedez, fundraising “like Malika”: Complaints fly

Further arguments between Fedez and Codacons, which after “yet another registered letter” underlines that the rapper would not have understood the new authority

Because Codacons has Fedez in their sights: The fighting has been going on for three years

Meanwhile, Codacons had started one toosimilar initiativewhich, however, according to Fedez on social media, would only have served to finance the activities of the coordination, without making this explicit.

At the same time, the association decided to take a clear look at the collection conducted by the world’s most famous influencer and her husband, taking into account some critical aspects of the platform GoFundMe.

Fedez and the Codacons have been at odds over insults & abuse for nearly three years complainand phrases that often proved the rapper right, as in the last case.

Fedez wins against Codacons: Association sentenced to 20,000 euros in legal costsPhoto credit: ANSAChiara Ferragni and Fedez on the red carpet to present their series The Ferragnez.

What Fedez Said in His New Story: “Thank you Codacons”

“Remember the codacons who sued and denounced me and demanded damages for over 10 years? one million euros?” Fedez continued in the story released today Instagram.

“Here the court said: ‘Mh, codacons, did you ask Federico for one million euros? With the f***!’” he told his followers without using means conditions.

“And above all, he ordered her to pay the legal costs 20 thousand euros‘ the influencer explained.

“Thank you Codacons, I would of course like to thank my parents who have supported me, my wife, my lawyers. It’s like an awards ceremony oscars For me. Cool!” he concluded with his usual irony.

It’s not clear which of the many ongoing lawsuits he’s referring to with the codacons, but it’s possible it’s the one that started after the lawsuit defamation from the codacons.


Photo source: ANSA