Facção Central rapper DumDum dies aged 54 Splash

Rapper DumDum from the group Facção Central has died at the age of 54. The artist had been in the hospital since April 6, as a result of a stroke (stroke), when he became nauseous.

Information about the rapper’s death was confirmed on the official page of the Central Faction on Instagram. The wake will be open to the public, but no further information has been released.

DumDum was born Washington Roberto Santana, a nickname given to him by his grandmother when he was a child. Before he got involved in rap, he became a drug user and dealer, got arrested and threw himself into the world of crime.

However, during a concert by the group, he had his first contact with the group Racionais MC’s and felt the desire to become a singer. In 1989 he joined Facção Central, a newly formed group in the city of São Paulo.

The group is known for writing protest lyrics on issues such as hunger, violence and the reality of the peripheries. Among the best known are the songs “Isso Aqui é uma Guerra”, “Sorry Mother” and “Eu Não Pedi pra Nascer”.

On April 6, DumDum felt ill and was taken to Campo Limpo Hospital in southern São Paulo. He underwent surgery the next day and his condition was serious. DumDum remained in the induced coma but did not fight back.