Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri: "We now sleep in separate rooms"

January 12, 2024, 9:47 am

The couple makes some confessions about their family relationship in Diletta Leotta's podcast


Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri have been a steady couple for almost 15 years and form a happy family with their two little girls Sofia and Beatrice. As guests on Diletta Leotta's podcast, the two indulge in confessions about their private lives and reveal: “Now we sleep in separate rooms.” But there is no crisis in sight, just temporary needs in connection with the needs of the little ones in the house.

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri, no crisis Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri are very close and the guests of Diletta Leotta make fun of each other and laugh at each other as only those who have great complicity can. “We always try to show what we really are, with our arguments, his teases, what our reality is. But in the end it's a muted world, we show what we want to show,” says the former showgirl (and repeats a concept on which). she had already commented) that tells about her everyday life with her partner. The two also reveal that they often sleep in separate rooms: “We let the girls sleep in their bedroom… we have to put them to sleep because they don't fall asleep on their own. Then at some point in…” At night one of the two comes into our room and consequently one of the two goes into the other room. “More me,” emphasizes Alessandro and Federica confirms with a laugh.

Alessandro Matri extraordinary father with his two daughters Alessandro Matri is an exceptional father with his daughters Sofia (7 years old) and Beatrice (4). “Most of the time he is the victim, you can find him there doing his hair, doing his makeup, doing his braids…” reveals Federica Nargi. In fact, there is no shortage of social videos in which Matri performs classical dance moves or lends herself to a makeup session. “He is a very good father,” says the showgirl, who then explains: “Let's say I put him to work with the girls straight away… As soon as they are born, he changes their diapers, bathes them and gives them to them Bottle.” . Immediately” .

The love story between Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri, how did they meet? The first meeting between Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri took place in a nightclub in Milan when she was only 18 and he was 24. It was the former footballer who made the first move, while Federica made herself wanted for a long time by denying him the phone number for a month. The former showgirl of “Striscia la notizia” admits her extreme jealousy, especially in the early days of the romance: “Even her friends couldn't talk to anyone because I thought: 'If they talk to someone, then that means they.' also do.' “Create a situation”, but the former footballer assures: “Now it is much better.” In fifteen years of relationship there has been no shortage of arguments and ups and downs, and the arrival of the daughters has certainly brought some shocks, but one There was never a real crisis. They recently moved from Rome to Milan but often return to the city they love most.

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri are not husband and wife yet: marriage can wait Although their relationship is now very well established, Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri have not yet taken the big step. “Marriage will come. But just having a child means 'forever'. We will do it because it is a sign of love and protection of the daughters,” they confided to Corriere della Sera. However, although this is included in the long-term plans, no date has yet been set and has not yet been officially announced. They are already a beautiful family, they share the same values ​​and love each other more than anything: for them, the ring on their finger is little more than a formality.

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri at the Cesare Cremonini concert





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