Trump clashes with judge during civil fraud trial

Trump clashes with judge during civil fraud trial

Judge Arthur Engoron had prevented the Republican from arguing in court; The right was granted thereafter

The trial of former US President Donald Trump was marked by discussions after he tried to present arguments this Thursday (January 11, 2024). He clashed with Judge Arthur Engoron after he criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The Republican was denied the right to speak before the trial began because he had not signed restrictions that would prevent him from using the court as a political platform.

However, Engoron allowed Trump to make brief comments after his lawyer spoke. The judge insisted that the Republican candidate for the White House must respect court rules.

“They want to make sure I never win again [uma eleição]. She [Letitia James] He hates me and if I can't talk about it, it's a disservice,” the former president said after approving his speech.

In response, Engoron called on Donald Trump's lawyers to “control their client.”

Trump was impeached by Letitia James on September 21, 2022. He is accused of inflating the values ​​of family property in bank and insurance statements in order to obtain better loans.

New York's attorney general is calling on the Republican to pay a $370 million fine to the state if found guilty. The attorney general had previously demanded a fine of $250 million from the former US president.