Ferilli criticizes television Venier is angry with Giletti

Ferilli criticizes television, Venier is angry with Giletti

During the episode of Sunday Inbroadcast in the afternoon of February 25th on Rai1, Mara Venier He interviews many very important guests, especially the singer Sylvie Vartan (who says goodbye to live scenes), the Roman actress Sabrina Ferilli (who returns to talk about the fiction Gloria, the first episode of which was a great success with the audience) and the presenter and journalist Massimo Gilettireturned to Rai to present the program dedicated to the 70 years of Italian television that we will see on Wednesday February 28th in prime time on Rai1.

The summary of the Domenica In episode from February 25th

Sabrina Ferilli enters the studio to talk about his career and personal life, starting with the latest Rai fiction titled Fame. After watching a clip showing some of his past performances, he explains: “Now I'm moved, it must be because of age. I don't know if it's good or bad, but I'm moved by how much effort I put in, because nothing is free. “It's the age when you take stock, but the fatigue is noticeable. You have to make a lot of sacrifices. I never gave up, that's a character trait, how about you?” Mara replies: “No, with the f…” The Roman actress then returns to her origins: “My family taught me skepticism as a part of life. I grew up in a family where they never denied us anything, and I thank them because he told me more about fairy tales with dragons, which we still find, than about stories like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, where Prince Charming runs to save the girl in trouble. They prepared me.” After talking about the way her family and her husband Flavio Cattaneo reacted to her return to Rai and the success of the first episode of Gloria, let's move on first meeting between Mara and Sabrina on the set of a film by Carlo Cotti and the name of an actor comes to mind. Venier asks her, “But why do you remember him so well?” Did he hit on you?” The actress replies: “No, they were all after you. I remember it. You were extremely courted, including Ghini“. The presenter blurts out: “But whenever!” He was courting you, Ghini! Now you want to throw them all at me?”

At this point, Venier goes back to her memories: “Our friendship was born from this film, the real one, which doesn’t come around that often, even in recent years.” You cheated on me with De Filippi What a greeting: “Maria, lots of kisses!” But you cheated on me!” she says with a laugh and then adds: “I’m joking, the relationship you have is beautiful.” She is a woman who is in gives a hand in difficult moments. But now I have another film about our friendship, because although we're getting older, we're doing better today than we were back then! We weren't there often, but then…” Ferilli agrees: “We became two courted beauties, but we don't get along with anyone.” Mara comments: “Well, in short,” as if to say it. So true isn't that… When the video in question ends, the two of them, immersed in the memories of their friendship, are touched, especially the presenter. Sabrina's intervention isn't missing either: “What are you doing, are you touched?” NO… […] I know that you have always been there and I have loved you endlessly for almost 40 years,” Venier replies with shining eyes and a half-broken voice.

The two women concentrate on the Sanremo Festival in which the Roman actress, present as co-host, had publicly announced that Venier had said that she wanted to wear a fuchsia dress for the occasion and for this reason had looked for her in the audience that evening but could not find her: “As you told everyone that I didn't want to believe it. You're great because you don't hold anything back.” Sabrina intervenes: “It's not true: I remember 80% of the things I want to say. I'm fine now, I have nothing to say, but as soon as I go out… I do translations, I can't say exactly everything I'm thinking… If I meet a person outside who's blocking my path, instead of saying “Go away…” I make a small gesture to let them know they're going away should lead the way politely. There is no elegant way to tell someone to fuck off. “When it is needed, it is needed, like Alberto Sordi's song,” replies the actress.

During the Remembering Lucio DallaWe look back a little on the 8 evenings of the show Beauty and the Beastwhere the Roman actress joined the well-known singer-songwriter on television: “Lucio was a person of modesty and normality … He was also open-hearted, if he had to tell you something, even in a colorful way, he didn't do it.” I hold myself not back. He was a real eye-catcher, a unique character. As for the last episode of Beauty and the Beast, that hug was a goodbye, it was more than possible because I always thought I would never meet him again. Lucio was difficult to describe, it was poetry. He was almost motherly to me, he was very protective and took care of me. You had to understand from that moment what kind of relationship you had with him, he didn't talk much. On this occasion, I thought it was like this. The last time I met him, you understood this personal and emotional aspect. This show was free of the formats of this television“. From here we return to the recent criticisms received by Mara Venier regarding Ghali and Dargen D'Amico: “Domenica In is also a format, it is my format.” Until now I have worked with great freedom , I structured the program the way I wanted, I invited whoever I wanted, whoever I wanted spoke. That has been the case so far and will continue to be the case, because that is how I understand my television. Then and can In these cases, mistakes can be made you have to have the humility to say “sorry.”. But my head, just like yours, doesn't change because we are them,” explains the presenter loudly and is applauded by the guest and his audience in the studio.

Following on from the Rai Gloria fiction: Sabrina Ferilli criticizes Italian television: “Gloria is not a format either! It is written from scratch and all in Italian. I understood that Gloria was a suitable character for me because it suffocates us not to be able to address certain topics and tell certain truths.” You can't always think about how, when and what to say… Shit, let's stop talking then. Let's decide that free speech no longer exists and do something different. People are unnerved, they can't take it anymore like I can. Given that all characters always have to be good, saints, all extraordinary mothers with extraordinary children who are very faithful… What the hell, so only I know the strangest things? For me it's exactly the opposite. Gloria is a breath of fresh air.” The actress says what she misses most: “I miss being with my family even more.” I'm there a lot, but I would like to be there more often.

Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan enters the studio to announce his departure from the stage, but first he talks about his two great loves and his family: “Italian men are seductive, my man.” Tony Scotti he is Italian and we have been together for over 40 years. It is the love of maturity. When I met him in Japan, I was impressed: we were so similar, we did the same job. I believe that Italians have a lot in common with Slavs, especially they love family. I took part in two big Italian programs and lived in Italy, the joy was huge. I had no choice but to marry an Italian.” The woman talks about hers childhood: “I was born in Bulgaria, then with my parents we moved to France, which became my country. I had an extremely happy early childhood, I was surrounded by loving parents, until Stalin came and everything changed.” Vartan says that when she was young she ate everything without ever gaining weight: “Back then I ate everything. For a month I only ate pasta for lunch and dinner, then salad. No sweets, but thanks to carbohydrates I lost weight.” “

We move on to the area FashionMany young women have taken her as a role model in this sense: “When I was very young, I was very spoiled, but I learned a lot from Yves Saint Laurent, he designed all of my clothes. I chose what suited me and I liked it.” I had two wardrobes: the city wardrobe and the stage wardrobe. The guest also remembers me dark moments about his life: “There are always dramas in life: I had two accidents and lost people who were dear to me, but when you sing you are drawn into an enchanted world and forget the problems. You always have them within you, that's true, but hard moments enrich you because they show you how to move forward. You don't have the right to become weaker when there are people who love you, you have to take responsibility.” Regarding that End of love between her and Johnny Hallydayexplains the singer: “We were like brother and sister and we could have lived together forever because we loved the same things and therefore knew absolute love. Love ended after 15 years due to work, bad encounters and the different paths taken. Johnny died too young He was a victim of the life he lived and chose, but he was the sunshine of my life. I was lucky to have a second sun, and that's not always the case.” Finally the moment when the woman explains why she chose it Move away from the spotlight: “It's the truth: I've decided to leave the stage, I've been singing non-stop for sixty years and traveling around the world with my family, so it's time to distance myself and do things I've never done before “I'm here with so many books I haven't read and movies I haven't seen yet.

Massimo Giletti

At Massimo Giletti's presentation in the studio to talk about the program with which we celebrate this 70 years of Italian televisionMara Venier introduces him in a not very nice way and makes him think about the fact that he didn't ask her to take part in the show: “A wonderful show, but I'm not there, he didn't invite me“. As soon as he arrives in the living room and hears the swipe, the guest hugs the presenter (who runs towards him), but then tries to leave the study with her, returns to the exit and jokingly asks to be led to someone that Someone else's program. As far as his is concerned Return to RaiGiletti recalls: “In reality, I was politely put in the position to choose other paths so that we could define it as a real return.” At this point, the presenter complains about not being able to meet Sylvie Vartan backstage and says the singer's husband didn't seem particularly happy after all the pictures he showed of Johnny Hallyday live. “There is no retroactive jealousy: look at Nicola with me, what should he have done? And yet he is friends with all of my ex-partners,” comments “Aunt” Mara. “It depends on the spirit with which you experience relationships,” Giletti replies shortly before giving the presenter a kiss on the lips. “We have a friendship that fortunately still lasts today. even if you didn't invite me! You invited everyone but me” the moderator blurts out, while the extremely embarrassed guest shouts with a smile: “Let's carry on.”

After the broadcast of the commercial for the new program – La TV fa 70 – Venier returns to tease the presenter: “Who will be on the show on Wednesday?” He laughs and then walks up to her: “You know you really… You've been treating me like this since I arrived“. She asks him for a kiss, shouts at him to shut up and he puts his lips on hers and then turns to her husband Nicola: “Greetings Santo Domingo… Hello Nicola, everything is fine, do it Don't worry! After all, Vartan was there first and she didn't let me meet… All joking aside, the big names will be there: Carlo Conti, Amadeus, Antonella Clerici, Fiorello, Pippo Baudo… Mara Venier won't be there !” The public doesn't take it very well, but Giletti stops him: “Calm down, you never know. We will see. They told me that only you create destiny.