Five members of the FARC are arrested near Monte Hatillo

Five members of the FARC are arrested near Monte Hatillo

The Intelligence and Arrest Bureau arrested five suspected members of the criminal organization called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cantera (FARC) this morning after a confusing incident was recorded during a free concert near the Monte Hatillo residential complex in Río Piedras, according to the Urban Music Exponent Anuel AA.

According to preliminary information from Inspector José Fontánez, head of the office, at around 3:26 a.m. officers noticed a Toyota Tacoma bus heading towards the activity in a suspicious attitude. When they were stopped, they tried to escape across the street. Monte Carlo Avenue, where they entered a dead end street where they were arrested. One of those arrested was identified by the nickname Vaquero.

A rifle and two pistols were seized from the truck.

“Several of the detainees have criminal records,” Fontánez said.

It was clarified that no such riot occurred as initially reported, but that as news of the arrests spread, people chose to seek a safe place or go to their homes.

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, first name of the reggaeton singer who has been involved in several controversies, such as the recent “Tiraera” with Arcángel, the cancellation of his “Las Leyendas siempre Mueren” tour, his separation from “Yailín, La más Viral” , besides many others. Scandals, assured before the activity that his decision to offer this concert for free was due to the fact that “not everyone has the money or the financial convenience to buy tickets for a concert at the Hiram or at the Choliseo.” “I will this party to celebrate Christmas, New Year and the Three Kings.”