Ukraine Russia, explosions in Karkhiv and Odessa. Alarm 7 Regions LIVE

Over 49,910 children in eastern and southern Ukraine, including 20,000 in the Kharkivska region, received winter clothing. As harsh winter conditions continue in Ukraine, UNICEF, with support from USAID's Humanitarian Assistance Office (BHA), is helping families with children survive the cold season. The United Nations Children's Fund's response to winter challenges in Ukraine is addressing the most urgent needs of children, distributing 125,000 winter clothing, 100,000 blankets and 100 generators in the most affected regions. These measures are part of a broader program, it said in a statement, that includes the renovation of infrastructure such as heating and water supply systems in hospitals and schools. Unicef ​​​​provided generators to water suppliers, ensuring a continuous water supply. Aid will be distributed to regions with the most urgent needs, including Dnipropetrovska, Donetska and Kharkivska. In addition, UNICEF is also expanding its local relief efforts in collaboration with the Kharkiv regional administration in response to the growing needs of large families. Twenty of the most vulnerable families in Bezruky and Dergachi in the Kharkiv region each received two tons of fuel briquettes, for a total of 40 tons.