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Flip-flops, cowboy hats and winter coats: Will the Canadiens players all return from this four-game trip?

Flip-flops, jerseys and cowboy hats. This is what most of the Canadiens players have packed in their suitcases in anticipation of the trip that will take them to Florida, Nashville and Carolina. Others may also plan to add a winter hat or coat to their travel essentials. If.

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Because of these four consecutive games away from the Bell Centre, the Canadian will not return to Montreal before March 8, the deadline for transactions in the Bettman circuit. Some of them could therefore change their address along the way.

Flip-flops, cowboy hats and winter coats: Will the Canadiens players all return from this four-game trip?

Photo Martin Chevalier

It is better to bring warm clothes. A flight to Edmonton or Winnipeg arrived so quickly. Jokes aside, the approach of that fateful day is always a source of stress for athletes. Especially the youngest ones, who are not used to the sudden change of air.

“I’ve been in the league for eight years, so I’m used to it,” Mike Matheson said. Of course there is the human aspect that people we really like might leave. You never know. There is also the family aspect. This is more difficult.”

Matheson has experienced two transactions during his career. There were two trades in the offseason. Let's just say there's more time to prepare everyone for departure than a spur-of-the-moment transaction in the middle of the trip.

We can ask ourselves whether everyone will have 100% confidence in the coming clashes.

“It is a time of year that is not pleasant for anyone, but you have to continue to prepare for your games,” said Martin St-Louis. When you're on the road, you forget that a little bit. There is less downtime. You become more engaged with your team, which boosts morale.”

Matheson wants to stay

Jake Allen, David Savard, Tanner Pearson and Joel Armia are the quartet that come up most often in discussions. To a lesser extent, we can add Matheson to this list.

One would think that a veteran of his caliber having the most productive season of his career would want to join a team with a chance at major honors. But as Savard spoke on this topic a few days ago, this is not the case.

“I'm happy here and I want to continue to be here to help the team reach a new level,” said the 30-year-old defender.

Such conversations are music to the Canadiens' head coach's ears.

“It’s a good sign if the boys want to continue playing here,” he said.

“I think they know what we're building and the environment we're doing it in,” he continued. The boys know they are at a point where they can continue to improve. They know how we do things, how we play. That gives them courage.”

Like the Amen corner

Now that this has been said, it will be interesting to see what state the morale of the troops will be in when they return from this journey, which does not promise to be easy. The Habs have only won two of their last 36 games against these four teams.

“It's like the Amen Corner,” St-Louis illustrated, referring to the 11th, 12th and 13th holes at Augusta National Golf Club, known as an often crucial part of the famous Masters.

“You have to present your best game. You have to be precise, committed and manage the risks you take.”

No, we don't pay much for the Canadian's skin. But as the old-timers would say, “Hockey is played on ice.”

“It doesn’t help to think we’re unlucky,” Matheson said. The process also teaches you that you can beat any team. It’s time to take that step and approach every single step telling ourselves we’re going to win.”

That's a good attitude.