The dark theory of Claudio Lucero savior of the Snow

The dark theory of Claudio Lucero, savior of the “Snow Society”: “They were not heroes”

The recent popularity of The Snow Society, a film that follows the survival of the passengers of the Flight 571 in the Andesrenewed interest in this survival story, sparking controversy over it Claudio Lucero was responsible for its founding a long time ago. The Chilean rescuer involved in the search for the survivors has put forward a theory that casts doubt on the heroic version of events and suggests that the survivors may have manipulated the situation to secure their place in history.

In more than one interview bright Star He never tired of questioning the survivors' decision to remain in the Andes, even though they learned that the search had been stopped. “How is it possible that a group of young, intelligent, physically fit boys did nothing when they had already heard on the radio that the search had been called off?” asked the Chilean during an interview on the show 'True Lies' in 2017.

“They weren’t heroes.”

One of the questions that fuels the theory Claudio Lucero Why did they wait 72 days to come out? According to the rescuer, the physical and mental abilities of the survivors were sufficient to be able to leave the Andes once they learned that no one would come for them. This point of view creates a broad debate in the public spacewith mixed opinions between those who see the theory as an affront to survivors' memory and those who see it as a valid perspective.

In the middle of the interview, Claudio Lucero questioned the fact that everyone believed the version told by the survivors.  Photo: Shot by La Red.

In the middle of the interview, Claudio Lucero questioned the fact that everyone believed the version told by the survivors. Photo: Shot by La Red.

Lucero assures that the answer to this question that he himself asks is that the survivors remained in the Andes to gain popularity and leave their mark on the world. “I have no doubt it was planned.. Those 75 days in the mountains were important. I have no doubt it was planned. The accident occurred, yes, but someone suggested, Machiavellian, “What if we stayed?”

“They were not at high altitude where conditions are more extreme. So why didn't they come out? That's why I suggest something very simple. If they had left on the second day, no one would remember them“, suggests Lucero, who also questions the direction taken by the survivors of the last expedition. “If I grab a little dog and bring him up the mountain, the little dog goes down, then why are they up a hill went up?”

The Lucero theory There are both critics and supporters, which opens up space for analysis of what it really means to survive in extreme conditions. While some accuse Lucero of belittling the courage and ingenuity of the survivors, others see it as a necessary challenge to the established narrative. The story, once unanimously viewed as a testament to human resilience in the face of extreme adversity, is now examined in a more critical light, weighing the moral and ethical choices of the survivors.

    Photo: Snow Society

Lucero assured that he witnessed cannibalism during the night he spent with the survivors. Photo: Snow Society

Who is Claudio Lucero?

Claudio Lucero He is a rescuer recognized in Chile for his mountaineering achievements. However, he gained international popularity through his involvement in rescuing survivors Tragedy in the Andes in 1972 and for the sinister theory he gives as his version of the tragic event. Lucero caused controversy with his critical statements about the actions and decisions of the Survivors during their time on the mountain. He thinks they could have sought help sooner.