Former Pupa Emy Buono is naked for the Napoli Championship and says: "I felt raped"

“I felt raped.” A few days before the party for the Napoli championship, former competitor de
“The Babe and the Geek Show.”
emy good spoke on his TikTok profile about what happened for Spalletti’s team on the night of celebrations. In fact, the girl decided to walk the streets of the city almost completely naked, but this decision caused her several problems. In social networks, Emy not only commented on the criticism she had received for it
presented without clothesbut also by those who took the opportunity
put your hands on her: “I’ve been pretty sad these days given all the criticism I’ve received,” she explained to her followers, “I felt raped. It’s true that I stripped naked, but I didn’t want to give my body to people. “It seemed a bit excessive that people kissed and touched my pussy…” says the 22-year-old.

excessive partying – In fact, despite the great euphoria about a party that has been expected for 33 years, one should never exaggerate for the ex-“Pupa”:
“A woman who strips naked does not allow a man to be raped”, says the girl. Despite this, the influencer has received several criticisms that he wanted to republish on his profile: “Then you say that women are protected, what are you trying to protect here,” writes one user. Or again, “Then they touch her and complain,” wrote another among the comments to the post, which shows Emy on a boy’s shoulders, carried triumphantly throughout the party.

Reply to criticism – Among the allegations received, Emy was also accused of using the word “rape,” which many find inappropriate in the context. The girl responded to this criticism by publishing the definition of
Treccani of the world
“rape” and commenting: “If you touch me without my asking, it means violence, coercion, rape. let it be clear!”