Friends fans will freak out Theres an Airbnb like Monicas

Friends fans will freak out: There’s an Airbnb like Monica’s apartment in Brazil Edict Concursos Brasil

Are you a fan of the series? friends? The apartment of character Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox, is quite an attraction in the series. The location is where the characters spend most of their time.

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There they watch TV together, eat, spend memorial dates, have important conversations and strengthen their friendship with each episode. The fact is that Monica’s apartment has a unique decoration that many fans of the series try to imitate.

Friends Special Airbnb is located in Porto Alegre

A fan of the series named Giovanna Previdi decided to decorate an apartment in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, faithfully following Monica Geller’s decor. That means there are paintings, objects, furniture, and other items identical to those that appear in Friends.

The property can be rented on the Airbnb platform. See an excerpt of the owner’s description on the apartment page:

“In Monica’s apartment in POA, she tried to bring the essential elements with her from her NYC apartment. Of course it’s much (GOOD) smaller here. But it has a kitchen equipped for a chef to cook, a round table to eat, a room to meet friends, Monica’s bedroom (small), Rachel’s bedroom (small), bathroom with shower and bath, a hidden room and even a window from the “Terrace overlooking Greenwich Village””

How much does it cost to stay at Friends apartment

Giovanna’s initiative turned out to be profitable. The average number of rentals per month is 15. In December 2022, it reached about 20 rentals for the property of 55 square meters.

The daily rate varies between R$ 550 and R$ 650 depending on the day of the week and the number of guests. Up to six people can stay in the apartment, but the place only has beds for four people.

It should be remembered that the original apartment does not exist after all Friends was recorded in an auditorium and the sets were set up within the stage.