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Normand Brathwaite teases Johanne Blouin again! –

Their daughter Elizabeth is now grown and a mother of her own, and the alimony jokes from the Piment Fort days are no longer appropriate, but Normand Brathwaite still never misses an opportunity to tease his ex-wife, Johanne Blouin.

The presenter and the singer are meeting this winter on the set of Zénith (whose Thursday night premiere on ICI Télé aroused great curiosity, find out more here). Normand is the captain of the Baby Boomer team, while Johanne is a member of the same clan as a participating contestant in competition with 23 other artists.

During a media visit to the show’s set last Monday, Normand Brathwaite couldn’t help but joke about his past relationship with Johanne Blouin, and joked that he’d never seen this girl again, at least since their publicly announced split over 30 years ago.

Used to it (for a while!), Johanne Blouin was hilarious when caught up on her reaction in an interview.

“When I came to the conference, I told myself that Normand and I would be there, but we wouldn’t focus on that. And the first thing Normand did when the conference was over was hug me for the photos! (laughs) I thought he couldn’t help it! We’re still teasing each other,” the singer laughed, without the slightest hint of anger.


Over the years, the ex-lovers have been able to learn to laugh together. “In the beginning there was a time when it wasn’t easy, but that’s okay,” said Johanne.

To the point of becoming friends? Maybe not, but the good match is real, the “Dors Caroline” interpreter mused.

“We all have our lives. We’re fine, but we don’t call each other to ask for updates. But when you see yourself on the set, the atmosphere is good! »

Normand Brathwaite, he reminded us that he and his granddaughter Élizabeth’s mother often worked together, at Belle et Bum or comedy galas (Johanne Blouin also attended the anniversary evening of the ComediHa! Fest Québec, hosted by Normand in 2019).

“We’ve played the former couple a lot and that’s fine,” remarked the man who will reprise his role in the spring’s The Great Seduction-inspired play Sainte-Marie-la-Mauderne.

On Thursday, at the Zénith, following Johannes’ performance on Killing Me Softly With His Song and her karaoke call on Higher Love, her captain Normand Brathwaite reiterated the admiration he still feels for his ex-partner on live television . “I’ve always said in my life if there’s one or two singers that I’ll listen to all the time, then of course it’s our daughter, Élizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite, and Johanne Blouin,” welcomed the one – male band.

Johanne Blouin and Normand Brathwaite have each rebuilt their lives, the first in more than 20 years with criminal lawyer Jean-Claude Lagacé and the second with producer Marie-Claude Tétreault, with whom he had a son, Edouard, now a young adult. The latter is also the mother of Mylène, whom Normand Brathwaite often regards as his own daughter.

Johanne Blouin, who emerged as the winner of the inaugural Zénith face-to-face, unknowingly offered viewers a funny moment on Thursday. Remember here.