Friends the testimonials Todaro39s arrogance score 5 Amoroso gives you

Friends, the testimonials: Todaro's arrogance (score 5), Amoroso gives you goosebumps (score 8)

Todaro haughtily: “I remind you that I already won last year”: Vote 5

Here we go again. There is no rest for aspiring dancer Nicholas. This time the young man is not harassed by the fearsome professor Alessandra Celentano, but instead, against his will, becomes the casus belli for another annoying argument between Raimondo Todaro, the teacher of the shoot, and Emanuel Lo. The latter accuses the boy of “bad moves” after the performance and expresses concern that “we are still two episodes away from the evening.” Todaro might like to defend his student, but he only manages to display a very annoying arrogance. When he actually addresses the dance teachers, he blurts out: “They're looking for the boy who will win this talent, but I remind you that I already won it last year.” That's why today I can also be on the side of the Last one standing.” The boy returns to the desk with visibly moist eyes. The only person who has shown him any consideration so far considers him to be the “last one”. While the others urge him to get involved in horse racing, gardening and home improvement. Sure, not for dancing. Just because we've heard so many of it from September to now, it deserves the evening. And perhaps for that reason alone it is true.

Malìa leaves school with great dignity (and the praise of Madame): grade 7.5

It wouldn't be a crime to argue, throw tantrums, or maybe even destroy benches in the face of an elimination verdict that comes two episodes before the evening. However, the young rapper Malìa shows great dignity when he hears the verdict from the voice of his teacher Rudy Zerbi. Although the professor appreciates human values ​​and quality of writing, he believes that the student is not yet brilliant enough when it comes to covers compared to others, so he sends him home. Before he packs up, the boy takes a few minutes to thank everyone, absolutely everyone. Starting with the “people who understood me from the beginning, especially Maria.” But also those who work behind the scenes and cannot be seen on television. It was an honor to be here and I hope to have such a nice trip out there that one day I can return with my head held high.” De Filippi praises him for his parting words and gives him a great little gift: “There is a famous singer-songwriter who writes me wonders about you.” I think I can tell you her name, it's Madame. Every time you perform, he showers me with “He's great” with twenty exclamation points.” The rapper Malìa hugs his companions and gleefully leaves the stage. Literally: good in evil.

Pettinelli shouts that Zerbi would be “dead as a doornail” without her: rating 4.5

Another fight between Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi, lifelong enemies. As always, the tone is incredibly elevated and instead of discussing the boys' talent, the two seem to be arguing about personal reasons once again. Rather, you could make a call, make a phone call or play a game of padel. One of the reasons for the party in this episode concerns the case of Ayle, a young student radio announcer. He entered school with inconsistent performance when the program was already underway, and from then on he is remembered primarily for a series of dropouts followed by on-time, head-down returns. According to Zerbi, Pettinelli should send him away because he is not prepared for the evening. In addition, it also scores very low in the approval ratings of the external expert jury that has been expressed so far. However, she doesn't want to know and an argument breaks out: “Rudy, if I weren't here, you would be dead because you wouldn't have anything to say or comment!” Without the loudness of the shouting, this discussion between teachers would be repeated forever ideal time for a nap.

Amoroso sings and gives Maria De Filippi goosebumps: grade 8

Last Sunday, the clip of him greeting the talent audience at the start of the episode was the most commented on social media moment of the entire show, according to Maria De Filippi. Alessandra Amoroso, fresh from the Sanremo Festival, comes into the studio in denim overalls and red lipstick, sings her “Fino a Qui” and everyone knows it: studio audience, students and presenter. Presenter framed in the chorus as she turns to those in attendance to point out the goosebumps that formed on her arm when she heard the former student's voice. “Things got better during rehearsal,” the singer admits, “but this woman, Maria, has something that moves me.” Before the performances, the two had started a nice exchange: “Did you take the pole away from me?” And how can I sing now? I ask because Maria is naughty, I know that! This is a moment that annoys me!” Amoroso joked, receiving an amused response from De Filippi: “Their things are mean for no reason. And I won’t tell you what he says to me without a microphone!” Actually, we’d like to know. Let's heat the popcorn already…

The student Mida feels “persecuted”: Grade 5-

The first unreleased album, RossoFuoco, was certified platinum and subsequently received the Golden Jersey, which gave him access to the evening section. However, aspiring singer Mida says she feels “persecuted”. It's true that Professor Anna Pettinelli thinks he's terrible and sets him impossible tasks every week to test him. He does them all, including today's one, where he was forced to interpret “I live for her” adding bars of his own coinage, but without using a very long list of words that, according to the teacher, he used too often would repeat in the texts. Among them, the following stand out: “Heart, Love and Derivatives”, “Pain”, “Colour”, “Goodbye”, “Kiss”, “Time”, “We”. It's funny that the extensive list also includes “lei”, a pronoun that even appears in the title of the piece that the young man is supposed to interpret. Patience. After all, it doesn't have to make sense, it just has to seem like a mess. At the end of the performance, Mida receives the usual 4 from Pettinelli and then blurts out: “I felt persecuted for six months and that negatively affected my path here.” The teacher replies: “Without me you would have sung half the pieces “That you were allowed to do and you would never have left your comfort zone.” He's not wrong. Especially when we remember that the good Midas is the same one who cried all night long and desperately protested against his own Prof. Lorella Cuccarini because he had to sing one Sunday without autotune and didn't know how to do it should. This happened a few months ago. Today the boy will officially go to the evening. Have you learned to take notes now? Just a few maybe. But because he is a “persecuted person”.

Petit, Lucia and Mida win the evening: vote 7

Three more new students win the evening gold jersey. The first is the young neo-melodic trapper Petit. Zerbi gives it to him with the following reasons: “I appreciate that you work so hard, the way you write and the way you sing, the person you are.” I like that people like you. Gaetano Curreri said about you that you know how to mix genres and that is a very beautiful thing for music today. For these and many other reasons, in my opinion, you have to go to dinner!” The boy thanks you and stammers excitedly: “I don’t believe any of this!” Did you really not expect this? We doubt. “You will shine on this stage, give it the pressure like we said!”, Emanuel Lo encourages the aspiring dancer Lucia, who is also looking forward to the evening from today. The girl at the ball almost apologizes: “There were times when I couldn't get up on my own, but I promise that from now on I will do it, even if I had no strength and energy.” While she waits, that such a superpower manifests itself, Midas is also awarded the gold jersey by Lorella Cuccarini. The boy is happy. Especially because this goal marks the end of the impossible tasks that Anna Pettinelli sets him in every episode. If you don't imagine that you want to have a big drink to celebrate in the evening, you're lying.

Fabrizio Moro is very sweet (and even hugs Ayle): Vote 6

Constantly with a Mephistophelian look and with his ass in his mouth, he had never been seen so lovingly. Either Fabrizio Moro believes that there are only thoroughbred champions in Amici's school, or he devoured Mount Everest in marshmallows before entering the studio. “Petit plays with me easily, he has a vocal timbre that drives me crazy. It's a lot more overwhelming than a lot of people who stand around pretending to sing. And after enraging the young neo-melodic trapper, he moves on to a physical expression of love with Ayle: “Can we hug, yeah?” he asks him at the end of the performance. The boy with the tattoos on his face appeared on a, to tell the truth, quite believable cover of Dillo alla Luna, Vasco Rossi. “I have been absent from the music scene for a year and a half because I have been writing, directing and composing the music for a film that will be released soon. It's about a separated father who can only see his daughter two days a week, the protagonist is Edoardo Pesce.” This is how the singer-songwriter says goodbye and receives compliments from De Filippi: “You didn't have the need to do something like that “If you did it, it means you felt it strongly.” I'm sure it will go well. We are already looking forward to the new director Moro's second work. Of course with the songs of Ayle and Petit as a soundtrack. Oh no?