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Frightened passengers demand to disembark plane on Reunion airport tarmac

FEAR – A series of incidents terrified the 300 people on board the plane bound for Mauritius.

The 300 or so passengers on a flight bound for Mauritius from La Réunion; Thursday, will remember their trip for a long time. A series of incidents caused a 12-hour delay and panic on board while the plane was still on the ground at Roland-Garros airport in Saint-Denis (Réunion). It all started with an announcement at registration, says Réunion La 1re.

Another airline’s plane

Passengers have indeed learned that Air Mauritius’ flight, scheduled for 12:30pm, would depart an hour late due to a technical issue. After being seated on a first plane, travelers had to disembark before boarding another device. It was actually a Qatar Airways plane chartered by the Mauritian airline for the occasion.

For two and a half hours, the pilots conducted various technical tests while customers were already in their seats, a witness said. The tests resulted in the cabin lights being cycled on and off multiple times, startling the plane’s occupants. Then there was the smell of gasoline and fire.

tears and fainting

Children then began to cry and one woman passed out, testifying (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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