Nightmare Cruise in Australia hundreds of passengers were stranded on

Nightmare Cruise, in Australia, hundreds of passengers were stranded on the ship for a week. “On the fuselage at

Hundreds of passengers are stranded on one Cruise ship in between New Zealand and Australia for over a week. The Viking Orion set sail from Wellington, New Zealand on Boxing Day and would never call at any location again, according to vessel tracking website The reason? According to reports from Australia’s National Maritime Coordination Centre, the ship would have been refused permission to dock due to the presence on board of low levels of ‘biofouling’ or a range of marine microorganisms such as plants, algae or small animals which have become attached to the hull through constant tampering contact with water. And that, if taken to other marine areas, could disrupt the local ecosystem.


the next steps

Australian authorities then ordered the Viking Orion to have her hull cleaned before entering territorial waters. “The ship must undergo hull cleaning to remove potentially harmful marine organisms and prevent them from being transported via the ship,” Australia’s Department of Fisheries said on Sunday. A representative of Viking Ocean, the ship’s owning company, said the ship will depart for Melbourne on Sunday immediately after hull cleaning and will resume its itinerary by Monday.