From behind Karely Ruiz paralyzes the net with only a

From behind, Karely Ruiz paralyzes the net with only a leather jacket

After a few days hardly ruiz He’s been honest with his fans and revealed that he got his hair cut due to stress issues, today he’s flaunting his new look and leaving his admirers breathless with his beauty. In their official accounts Instagram and Facebook The influencer shared a photo in which he posed backward And only wear a leather jacket with a pair of lace tights paralyze Platforms with thousands of “likes”.

The single fan modelThe 22-year-old has gained popularity on digital platforms for flaunting her curves in the most revealing, eye-stealing designs and is confirmed as one of the most beautiful and successful women on the controversial social network, where she shares exclusive content and with whom she competes other celebrities, such as Yanet Garcia, Sugey Abrego and Celia Lora In fact, he has collaborated with the latter.

Karely Ruiz shines in a leather jacket

The beautiful Monterrey woman caused a sensation with the postcard she shared on her official accounts as she was spotted in a revealing look that highlighted her curvaceous silhouette and showed off her new image as she now has a haircut indicates in pixie style , one of the favorites of many and with which he has conquered millions of fans, since he does not stop adding followers on the main social networks.

Karely posed on her back and drove her fans crazy. Photo: FB @karelyruiz001

“Go with that bald head,” was the sentence with it Ruiz accompanied the photo on the meta platforms with which she stole thousands of looks as she posed very sensually and showed off her curvaceous silhouette and managed to collect 606,000 “likes”. instagramand another 256 thousand in FacebookIn addition to hundreds of comments, and although many have criticized her new look, the vast majority of her followers admit that she looks very good.

A native of Monterrey, Nuevo León managed to add thousands of reactions instagrama platform where she recently celebrated her arrival at 8 million followers and where she was bolder when posing backwarda picture with which his fans shared their joy with him, and the same social network in which he confessed that he had to cut his hair because of stress-related alopecia.

This is how he presented his new look. Photo: FB @karelyruiz001

“At this point in my life I went through a very difficult process. I had to shave my head because I had alopecia problems due to stress. I cried a lot,” he wrote a few days ago Kareley22 years old to accompany a photo in which she can be seen sitting on a bed and dressed in a flirtatious red lingerie look, an image with which she caused a stir as she confirmed that her beauty is whatever her looks always stands out.

The pretty model only fans She does not stop causing a stir in her official reports with her outfits that crown her the queen of style, as she did on this occasion with her perfect outfit to attract attention, since she only has one Seen in a leather jacket and lace tights, exudes sensuality and crowns itself as one of the most beautiful of the digital platforms.


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