Gabon This Sunday there will be a consultation around the

Gabon: This Sunday there will be a consultation around the Alternance 2023 platform

This consultation was originally scheduled for Friday, but is now scheduled for this Sunday. And the day before, this Saturday, on the Alternance 2023 page we did not hide the concern about the way the military is coming to power in Libreville.

Leaders of the opposition platform contacted by RFI remain on the same line and stand behind Albert Ondo OSSA: “We cannot write off the results of the electoral process,” one of them said. There is a winner. There is no reason to create a legal vacuum. » In summary: No need for transition.

On the same topic, Gabonese opponent Albert Ondo Ossa: “It’s not a coup, it’s a palace revolution”

Even if they don’t want to speak at the microphone at the moment, these opponents are concerned about the way the military is carrying out its plans. “We recognize the role they played in preventing unrest, but we are not here to legitimize this coup. (…) We should not move from a civilian dictatorship to a military dictatorship,” our interlocutor continues.

Another manager of the Alternance 2023 platform adds: “We hear the promises, but it is for the cameras, it is just communication (…) If civil society wants to support a transition, it is their decision, not ours.” » These opposition leaders repeat it: for them we need “deep discussions between the junta and the platform”, at least a meeting with Albert Ondo Ossa. “And that,” one of them said, “doesn’t happen on camera.”

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