1706539944 Gaza IDF discovers Hamas terror tunnel under cemetery in Khan

Gaza: IDF discovers Hamas terror tunnel under cemetery in Khan Younes I24 i24 in French

The Israeli army said one of its divisions successfully stormed a large underground Hamas tunnel under the Bani Suheila cemetery in the Khan Yunis region. During the operation, the emergency services discovered and neutralized several terrorists present in the tunnel.

IDF Spokesperson UnitMap of the route of the tunnel under the cemetery provided by the IDF, January 29, 2024. IDF Spokesperson Unit

This tunnel, a complex structure of the terrorist organization Hamas, was about a kilometer long and 20 meters deep. It was equipped with explosive devices, sliding doors and explosion-proof doors. Forces also found an office used by a Khan Yunis brigade commander to orchestrate the Oct. 7 attack, an operations room, a command and control center and the quarters of senior Hamas officials.

IDF spokesmanIDF discovers Hamas tunnel under cemetery, IDF spokesman

The tunnel served as a base for targeted attacks on IDF troops, both above ground and below ground, the army said in a statement. As a result of the investigation, the tunnel was destroyed by Yahalom special forces.