quotThey use our weaponsquot The admission of the Israeli army

"They use our weapons". The admission of the Israeli army

In the end, the suspicion was confirmed. Israel's military and intelligence officials have long wondered about the origins of the weapons Israel uses Hamas carrying out the October 7th massacre and fighting in the ongoing war against the Jewish state Gaza Strip. The firepower the Fedayeen unleashed on Bloody Saturday was impressive. The 5,000 rockets fired from Palestinian territory had overwhelmed the Iron Dome and even hit a military base where missiles with nuclear capabilities are stored. Now the New York Times reveals that the Tel Aviv 007 has discovered that the militiamen have built a deadly arsenal using thousands of unexploded munitions dropped against them by the IDF.

Analysis of the videos and artillery remnants found after the terrorist attacks in Israel made it possible to establish that Tehran's proxy actually used not only Iranian and North Korean weapons. In particular, anti-tank ammunition, RPG warheads, thermobaric grenades, improvised devices and the explosives necessary for rocket construction would come from the army of the Jewish state. Experts believe that in general about 10% of munitions fail to explode, but that percentage could reach 15% in the case of Israel, whose arsenal also includes missiles left behind from the Vietnam War United States and from other countries. The American newspaper reports that an unexploded bomb weighing over 300 kilos can be turned into hundreds of rockets and rockets.

For years, the Jewish state's secret service incorrectly assumed that Hamas had mainly resorted to this Gaza Metro, the complex network of tunnels under the Gaza Strip, for the extraction of war materials. However, the findings just discovered show that the blockade imposed by Tel Aviv after the militiamen's arrival in 2007 was ineffective.

The Israelis were not entirely aware that some of their weapons might end up in Hamas's hands, but the true extent of the problem only recently emerged. In addition, the Islamists allegedly managed to steal thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as hundreds of firearms and grenades from poorly guarded military bases and transport them to the West Bank or via the Sinai to Gaza.

One of the October 7 terrorists had a grenade hanging from his belt that had Hebrew writing on it, and analysis of the explosive found in a rocket fired by Hamas revealed that it came from a dropped rocketIdf in a previous war. “We feed our enemies with our own weapons,” said an Israeli military report prepared early last year and provided to the New York Times. Even more worrying is the warning from Charles Birch, head of the UN demining service in Gaza, who declares that “tens of thousands of unexploded artillery pieces will remain after this war,” adding that these weapons are “a gift to Hamas.” .