The Beekeeper: the highest grossing film in the United States

The beekeeper” was that Movie further Theater box office in the United States this weekendin his third week in the Cinemas and in one weekend in which there were no major premieres.

The Movie from action from Amazon MGM Studios Jason Statham The company brought in $7.4 million, placing it in first place, according to industry estimates released Sunday. In comparison, it only fell by 14% weekend back, bringing the domestic total to 42.3 million. On a global level there is one accumulated of more than 100 million.

I followed him”Mean Girls,” which is also in its third week and grosses $7.3 million. He musical enter now accumulated 60.8 million in North America.

Third place was “Wonka“, with $5.9 million in his seventh weekendfor a domestic total of 195.2 million.

Fourth was “migration“, which grossed $5.1 million and has a accumulated of more than 100 million domestically and the fifth “Anyone But You”, which collected 4.8 million for a accumulated Domestic of 71.2 million.

After the Oscar nominations

It was the first weekend after Nominations for the Oscar. Although some Films Nominees are now available to stream – like “Oppenheimer“, “Barbie”, “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “The leftovers“ – others who are still in the cinema received a boost from them Nominations.

“American Fiction,” nominated for five Oscars – even better Movie Jeffrey Wright was already the top actor – up 65% in its seventh week, bringing in $2.9 million.

Poor things“, nominated for five Oscars – including the best Moviebest director and best actress for Emma Stone – could also get a boost. On Friday, in his eighth weekendraised $849,000.

The zone of interest“, at five Nominations – even better Movie and best director for Jonathan Glazer – expanded to 317 Cinemaswhere $1.1 million was raised.

Oppenheimer” was issued 1,262 Cinemaswhere he raised another million dollars weekendwhile “The leftoversAdded $520,000 for a accumulated of 19.3 million.

The ten highest-grossing films from Friday to Sunday in the USA and Canada

  • 1. “The Beekeeper – $7.4 million.2. “Mean Girls – $7.3 million.

  • 3. “Wonka – $5.9 million.

  • 4. “Migration – $5.1 million.

  • 5. “Anyone But You – $4.8 million.”

  • 6. “Fighter – $3.7 million.

  • 7. “Poor Things – $3 million.

  • 8. “American Fiction – $2.9 million.

  • 9. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – $2.8 million.”

  • 10. “Godzilla Minus One – $2.6 million.”