Gaza Israel39s ultimatum to Hamas the attack on Rafah is

Gaza, Israel's ultimatum to Hamas: the attack on Rafah is already ready

The war in Gaza will continue until the hostages held by Hamas are returned. The promise of threats to Palestinian terrorists came from Israeli Minister Benny Gantz, who stressed that there would be “not a single day of ceasefire” until then. “The fighting will continue until our goals are achieved. You will also be able to continue in the month of Ramadan. “Either the hostages will be returned, or we will escalate the fighting in Rafah,” the former chief of staff explained, adding that Israel is preparing for this possibility: “We will act in dialogue with our partners, including Egypt, we will “Take leadership.” Population towards protected areas”.

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In fact, Israel has announced that it will coordinate with Egypt regarding Palestinian refugees and find a way not to harm Cairo's interests. When asked where the Palestinians fleeing Rafah would go, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz Khan suggested Younis. The announced Israeli military operation in Rafah worries the international community, especially Cairo, where there are fears of a mass exodus of Palestinians to the Sinai. To deal with such an emergency, according to the Wall Street Journal, work is underway on the Egyptian side of Rafah to build an enclave surrounded by walls up to seven meters high and intended to house up to 100,000 displaced people.

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