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GB: 'You could be called upon to fight the Russians' Chief of Staff freezes His Majesty's citizens

London, January 24, 2024 – “That could be you.” called to fight against the Russians”is the general's perspective Sir Patrick SandersChief of Staff of His Majesty's Army, the left British citizens stunned. In fact, the general said, the current United Kingdom army has done this too little.

General Sir Patrick Sanders

General Sir Patrick Sanders

Sanders, who has made alarming calls against Russia in the past, reiterated in his speech in London the impending threat that Moscow has posed to Great Britain since its invasion of Ukraine. But as the general argued, there was silence the need to “mobilize the nation” in case of conflict.

Sanders will leave office in six months and wanted to make a final appeal against cuts to the armed forces wanted by conservative governments. But Sir Patrick isn't the only one to conjure up something like this Call-up scenario for citizens, other big ones too NATO officials They would advocate broader recruitment, starting with the Dutch admiral Rob Bauer, Today at Head of the Military Committee of the Atlantic Alliance. Bauer believes that peace is “no longer a given” today and is therefore necessary Prepare for war with Russiaa thought that was also expressed by the federal government.