Travis Kelce responds to fans who burned posters of Taylor

Travis Kelce responds to fans who burned posters of Taylor Swift during the Kansas City Buffalo game

Travis Kelce broke his silence about the hostile behavior directed at him and his girlfriend Taylor Swift during the game against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday (Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY Mandatory Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck – USA TODAY)

Last Sunday, that Buffalo Bills They received this at home Kansas City Chiefs as part of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. These two teams have developed a strong rivalry in recent years Patrick Mahomes and the company was already expecting hostilities. But the Chiefs' famous tight end, Travis KelceHe admitted that Bill's fans had exaggerated their behavior and called them “1000% disrespectful.”

Hostilities expanded Taylor Swift, Kelce's girlfriend, who has attended several of his games since last September. Since the pair arrived at the stadium, they were greeted with boos from Buffalo fans, something Swift has endured in other games. However, Fans also began burning posters with Taylor's face on them.something many found excessive even in the midst of intense sporting rivalries.

Taylor Swift posters were burned by Buffalo Bills fans before their game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Credits: YouTube/@ArrowheadAddictPodcast

These behaviors continued throughout the game to such an extent that the quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, he had to dodge snowballs that the audience threw at him. When Travis managed to score, took advantage of the moment to send a sign of love to the publicwhich was believed at the time to be intended for his girlfriend.

“I had to spread the love, baby, You always have to spread that love. When we got to the stadium there was a lot of hate…that's understandable, it's a football game,” Travis told his brother Jason during his New Heights podcast.

Travis Kelce celebrated his touchdown against the Buffalo Bills with a message of love in response to public hostility (Source: X/@SwiftNYC)

Travis added that the yelling and booing resulted in insults to Mahomes' family, which he completely disapproves of. But instead of returning fire with fire, the tight end prefers to “turn the other cheek” to end the cycle of hate.

“Was it a little disrespectful? One thousand percent. I won't say (what they said) because that's what they want, I won't convey it. Some things were said about the family, some pretty inappropriate things were said about Pat Mahomes. It was pretty bad. I understand, I'm entering a hostile environment. I just wanted you to know that it's not mutual… I don't hate you like you hate us. It's all love, baby“.

Despite Bills fans' best efforts to create excitement for the Chiefs, The team from Kansas won with a narrow score of 27-24. Now the team travels to Baltimore to take on the strongest team in the NFL at the moment: the Ravens, led by Lamar Jackson.

Despite the pressure, the Kansas City Chiefs won the game against the Buffalo Bills with a narrow score of 27:24. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On social networks, followers of Taylor Swift and the Ravens have shared their conflict of interest and were forced to turn their backs on their favorite artist to support the team in the last game before the Superbowl. The singer is expected to be present at the gameas well as moments of hostility from the public, given how important this game will be for both teams.

The NFL has acknowledged Swift's influence on the Chiefs' broadcasts, which has caused divisions among football fans. Several teams have used Swift's fame to mock the Chiefs, as evidenced by the Denver Broncos playing a Swift song after a win over Kansas City in October, or the massive booing the singer received at New York's Gillette Stadium England Patriots received.

During the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, Taylor Swift was booed by local fans. Credits: X/@DonnieMexico17