Gf Vip 7 ex Vippona against Antonella Fiordelisi It started

Gf Vip 7, ex Vippona against Antonella Fiordelisi: “It started well, back then…”

Wild RomeHe, a guest in the 54th episode of Casa Pipol, spoke up on various topics and even commented on a competitor of Gf Vip 7 piqued.

First, Amedeo Venza asked the former face of Temptation Island to reveal some details Vincent Arenathe Letizia Porcu’s new boyfriendformer partner of Federico fashion style.

Apparently the man is an old friend Wild who, in revealing an episode he was recently involved in, stressed that he didn’t believe in the authenticity of the story joy.

We have been friends for more than ten years. Then, honestly, I never went out with him again Vincent. We had a few fights because he’s a bit of a flag. Back when he was engaged to a girl playing with Temptation Island, he asked a dear friend of mine to send him a screen Deianira Marzano to make some audience. I wouldn’t want him to have done that for some followers either, knowing him… I don’t know what to say. We were all a bit shocked when we saw the photo joy.

there Rome then he explained:

Deep down I don’t believe in this relationship, but everyone can change in life. Vincent He’s a good guy, apart from the fact that I had a fight with him because he was never short-tempered. He’ll have changed too after so many misfortunes he’s had in his life too… he’s even gotten a little angry.

Following, Julia offers he asked Wild whether he still had contact with the former adventure companions with whom he shared the Gf Vip 5 television experience.

I am currently not in contact with anyone. Every now and then he greets me Maria Theresa RouteShe is very cute as a person. I sympathize more Rosalinda Cannavo, so pretty, then no one. I sent some messages to Julia Salem, but I understand that she is very busy. I’m sorry because I’m not built and when I’m comfortable with a person I want to hear from them. Tommaso Zorzi I last heard from him when he came out of GF. I’m sorry because I liked it a little.

In the current issue of reality show under the direction of Alfonso Signorinithe former Gieffina was succinct:

I don’t like anyone of this edition. Pamela Prati It’s a question mark, I don’t know how to look at it, it’s very good at changing maps, moods, situations… This gf will win it Edward Tavassi, it amuses me. Then there is no one to be saved.

Inevitable, a comment on this Antonella Fiordelisiwho was previously engaged to her ex Francesco Chiofalo:

Antonella It started well because it stimulated that attitude of defending those who were aggressive. Then the aggression I saw in her. He’s such an insecure person. He should come down from the pedestal. The one with Edoardo Donnamaria It’s a toxic relationship. But I wonder what his past stories have been… so a man lets him run away. And I don’t understand the father, he should let the daughter have her own experiences.