1676422752 GF VIP Daniele Dal Moro in Oriana quotMy Valentines Day

GF VIP, Daniele Dal Moro in Oriana: "My Valentine’s Day gift is this…" The inflated balloon

GF VIP Daniele Dal Moro in Oriana quotMy Valentines Day

Daniele Dal Moro Oriana Marzoli Gf Vip

Daniel And Oriana They allow themselves some privacy to talk about themselves and their very tumultuous nature.

“My gift for Valentine’s Day is that we sleep together” the entrepreneur says sweetly while hugging the influencer. An award that Oriana can only receive if she continues to behave well.

“You need to get better, you need to shout less” is Daniele’s advice, considering that the VIP often goes from right to wrong because of their nature.

“The nice thing is that you tell me‘ says the VIP with a smile, but he understands what the entrepreneur is telling him. The two competitors primarily refer to the behavior of the VIP during the episodes.

In the last live broadcast, the clash with Martina ended up hurting Oriana and Daniele wouldn’t want that for her: “I’m telling you because it’s a mistake I make too.”.

“It depends on the moment, one day I have more patience, then there are other days I lose it‘ Oriana admits. The VIP reiterates that she works a lot on this side of her character and promises to improve even more. Will he succeed?

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