Missing midfielder after earthquake criticizes lack of club support

Nana Sechere, manager of Christian Atsu, took to his social networks to ask for assistance in finding the player dead after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which has already confirmed more than 30,000 deaths by local authorities. is missed.

Things move incredibly slowly, and as a result, many rescue operations are delayed and lives are lost due to workers not having enough resources. Too bad the club [Hatayspor] Don’t be down with us, side by side, looking for Christian. Your position and influence, as well as your local knowledge, would be extremely helpful. We are imploring the club president and mayor of Hatay, Lütfü Savaş, to provide additional resources to expedite the rescue effort as a matter of priority.” Nana Sechere, on her Twitter.

The player’s shoes are found. “It’s been 9 days since the earthquake and we still haven’t found Christian. I am with his family at the site of the Hatay earthquake. The scenes are unimaginable and our hearts are broken for all those involved. During my time here, we determined the exact location of Christian Atsu’s room and found two pairs of his shoes,” the agent added.

Businessman asks for a translator. “This is a difficult situation and we are very grateful to all Turkish and foreign rescuers, civilians and volunteers on the ground for their efforts and response in rescuing survivors. However, we urgently need more resources, including a translator, on site,” he concluded.

Atsu has been missing since the 6th

Atsu is a Hatayspor playerthe city of the same name was one of the hardest hit by the earthquake.

Last week the Ghanaian ambassador in Turkey confirmed the former Chelsea and Newcastle man had been found alive.

However, the next dayHatayspor coach Volkan Derimel denied the player had been found.

The player’s wife opened up about the family drama

Claire Rupio, wife of Christian Atsu, He said the children learned on the radio that their father was still missing in the rubble.

“It was quite shocking to have the confirmation that he was found alive and taken to the hospital and 11 hours later my kids had to be told on the radio that they still didn’t know where he was,” he said in an interview with the BBC .