1676410579 Giaele mad at her husband Brad after the letter to

Giaele mad at her husband Brad after the letter to GF Vip: “He broke me”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Her husband Bradford Beck’s letter to Big Brother Vip angered Giaele De Donà, who reacted badly: “He’s broke, I haven’t done anything”.

Giaele mad at her husband Brad after the letter to

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The letter received from the husband Bradford Beck for the Big Brother VIP he was deeply upset Giaele DeDona. The man who, despite her, had already misjudged the approach to Antonino Spinalbese free relationship, he returned to convey his anger to his wife. This time it was perhaps the closeness between his wife and Andrea Maestrelli that annoyed him, a relationship that prompted him to write a letter to Giaele advising her to behave better. But this time Giaele didn’t understand and attacked Brad for the words he addressed to her.

Because Giaele De Donà got angry

“I’m not sick and it makes me angry because I haven’t done anything excessive. Here he is the one causing a sensation. And I really don’t think I have anything to worry about because he was wrong about those words here. I’m like that outside, on the contrary…” Giaele defended herself and spoke of the letter she had received from Brad. Then he added:

Broke the pa** and can I tell? Yes, he broke her! But what does he want? I will continue to behave this way because I’m not misbehaving or doing anything. I don’t think I did anything wrong now. Then you send me a letter like that for Valentine’s Day?! When the first letter arrived I cried and felt bad. But now my conscience is clear, I know I’m not doing anything wrong, I won’t change an iota, on the contrary, I’m even angry with him. You should run to your wife and have a confrontation. Not “if you behave well, I’ll come”. What the hell is that? I’m full! Valentine’s day, nice anniversary yes… but what is that?! Well what did I do wrong to hear those words? There was nothing to earn with Andrea. What else did I do to make him so angry?

What did Bradford Brad write to his wife Jael?

Jael referred to the text of the letter she received from her husband Brad. “Hello Giaele, I wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and a happy first wedding anniversary,” her husband wrote bitterly, “As you probably already know, I was dissatisfied with your behavior and your lack of respect for our marriage. You, you decided to do something disrespectful. Precisely for this reason, my contact was extremely limited. If, as you say, you desire a personal visit, I suggest that you do not engage in behavior that may be counterproductive to our marriage. I’ll go, you decide. Happy Valentine’s Day and one year anniversary again.”