Militias tried to kidnap baby born in rubble says NGO

Militias tried to kidnap baby born in rubble, says NGO

1 of 1 Orphaned baby Aya is being treated in hospital in Syria and has received multiple offers of adoption — Photo: AP Photo/Ghaith Alsayed Orphaned baby Aya is being treated in hospital in Syria and has received multiple offers of adoption — Photo: AP Photo/Ghaith Alsayed

The baby, who was born under the rubble and lost his entire family in the earthquakes in northwestern Syria’s Aleppo province, has suffered three kidnapping attempts by armed militias in the past 48 hours, the Syrian Observatory for Syria reported on Tuesday (14/02). human rights.

According to a statement from the UKbased NGO and a vast network of collaborators in Syria, groups were attempting to kidnap Aya for economic reasons as the child’s case attracted significant international interest and several organizations offered “millions of dollars” to adopt her.

The latest attempt was made by gunmen who broke into Cihan Hospital in the city of Afrin, where the baby is being treated, and attacked doctors and nurses with intent to forcibly kidnap the girl.

The Observatory said the invaders belonged to Turkey’s Sultan Murad Brigade militia, which operates in the region, adding that they intended to hand over Aya “in exchange for very large sums of money” to people affiliated with the Syrian government connection.

Militiamen attacked hospital director Khalid Attiah and his staff. “I’m in good health and the child is fine, her health is perfect,” said the doctor of the German Press Agency, without commenting on the incident. He added that the child was not given to anyone or adopted. “She is now in the hospital and her case is in the hands of the judiciary and the prosecution,” he added.

“Case is exploited from all sides”

“Unfortunately, the girl’s case is being exploited from all sides and the prospect of making money makes people anxious to take her in, not the humanitarian issue,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Observatory.

The human rights group said there have been numerous requests from organizations to adopt the child and that they have offered millions of dollars to adopt her. “This led to moronic factions breaking into the hospital and attempting to kidnap them for their financial greed.”

Baby with umbilical cord rescued from rubble in Syria

The group also said several Syrian government officials posing as Damascus executives tried to adopt her under the name of a charity. According to the group, the philanthropic entity was discovered to be linked to Asma alAssad, wife of Syrian President Bashar alAssad.

Aya was born under rubble after last week’s devastating earthquake that destroyed the building where she lived with her family in northern Syria.

Attiyeh is caring for the baby, who is being breastfed by his wife with whom he has a fourmonthold daughter and a threeyearold son.

According to rescue workers, Aya’s mother died under the rubble shortly after giving birth. The girl’s father and four brothers were also killed in the disaster.

The family lived in Jenderis, a village near the Turkish border that was badly hit by Monday’s earthquakes. They had already fled the province of Deir alZour in eastern Syria. Aya takes her name from the staff at the hospital in the city of Afrin, where she is staying.