Gilberto Gil Margareth Menezes and Chico Cesar will parade together

Gilberto Gil, Margareth Menezes and Chico César will parade together at Carnival in Salvador; Check the schedule Alô Alô Bahia

January 23, 2024


Antonio Dilson Neto

He is a journalist, reporter and writes for Alô Alô Bahia | @tooonho.

The state government announced at an event this Tuesday afternoon (23) in Pelourinho, the more than 170 musical and cultural attractions that will perform in the three carnival circuits in Salvador. One of the new features this year is: Cultural TrioSaturday, in Barra, with Gilberto Gil, Margareth Menezes and Chico César sing together.

The party, which starts on February 8th, does not end until the 13th with the Arrastão de Bell Marques marks the farewell to the 2024 festival for the second time in a row on Ash Wednesday.

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“We will have a very varied program, with wellknown names of our music but also with those who are just starting out.” “Popcorn is the true democratization of Carnival, because the role of the state is to democratize Carnival,” explained Governor Jerônimo Rodrigues during the launch event.

Guaranteed attractions at Carnival do Pelô include: Daniela Mercury and Blocos Afro, Larissa Luz, Nação Zumbi, Attooxxà, Pedro Pondé, Marina Sena, Margareth Menezes, As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã, Batifun, Baco Exu Do Blues, Baiana System and Adão Negro.

The state government's ropeless blocks also guarantee fun on the Dodô Circuit (Barra/Ondina) with attractions such as Léo Santana, Ludmilla, Xamã, Kevi Jonny, Timbalada, Parangolé, between others. This is available at the Osmar Circuit in Campo Grande Daniela Mercury, Xanddy Harmonia, Carlinhos Brown, É o Tchan, Saulo, La Fúria, Baiana System, Escandurrasamong many other attractions.

In addition to the official Dodô, Osmar and Batatinha circuits, there will be parades on five other circuits: Orlando Tapajós (Ondina Barra), Sérgio Bezerra (Barra Morro do Cristo), Riachão (Garcia), Mestre Bimba (northeast of Amaralina). ) and Mãe Hilda Jitolú (Curuzu). Special promotions are also planned, such as Lavagem da Funceb at the Circuito Mestre Bimba and Bloco Me Leave à Vontade at Palco do Rock.

The Ouro Negro program, coordinated by Secult, promotes the participation of Blocos Afro in the Carnival in Salvador and inland. This year, R$ 15 million will be invested, the largest in history, to respond to 132 proposed proposals.

Photos: Disclosure/Mateus Pereira/GOV BA

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