Giorgio Locatelli do you understand who the daughter is It

Giorgio Locatelli, do you understand who the daughter is? It plays a central role in his work | What it does iFood

The role of Giorgio Locatelli's daughter in his workGiorgio Locatelli Ifood

Perhaps not many people know, but the daughter of the famous chef Giorgio Locatelli plays a fundamental role not only in his life but also in his work.

If we talk about it Giorgio Locatelli We know that we don't just have a star chef in front of us who is absolutely a spearhead in his profession, especially in… British countrywhere he lived and worked for many years, but also a talented entrepreneur and a man of great strength of mind.

That's all George He himself has proven over time that he has become that the successful man What it is today had to swallow a lot in its past, as we metaphorically say cups of salt. Starting, for example, with the less than rosy approach he took at the start of his career in England, where he fell victim to the terrible stereotypes that generally characterize him Italians abroad.

It was said that behind a great man there is always one great womanand the same applies to Georgewhich has not only managed to completely dispel the previously mentioned stereotypes and secure its place in the sun of British cuisine, but also found love in the miraculous Plaxy.

For Crown continues be Success In addition, we can say that the chef who opened his wonderful Locanda Locatelli in the English capital has suffered over time some vicissitudes which, however, always stood with its head held high like its owner and had the opportunity to have a great customer on several occasions King Charles III, Before that it happened the coronation.

Giorgio Locatelli, a winner in work and in life

The English monarchSo when he was still just a prince whenever he was present as a customer Inntogether with his wife Camillaused to eat well two portions From Tortellini in broth. All of this confirms his continually growing success, especially since he has now been called back into the squad for the new season MasterChef Italy.

George However, he has admitted this several times, although on the one hand the presence of his friends calms him down Bruno Barbieri And Antonino CannavacciuoloWhen he is in Italy, he suffers greatly from missing his wife Plaxy. The love between the two has lasted for many years and was crowned by the birth of their daughter Pizza Margherita. But who p Margherita Locatelli and what role does he play in his father's working life?

The role of Giorgio Locatelli's daughter in his workGiorgio Locatelli and his daughter Margherita Ifood

Margherita Locatelli and her influence on her father's work

The girl was reportedly born in 1998 Wedding Between George and that Ms Plaxy. However, we are dealing with a particularly reserved girl, about whose personal and professional life not much or nothing is known. The only information was reported by Father's stories.

In short, Giorgio never made a secret of it Pizza Margherita have affected and not a little on his Working life as a chef for the simple fact that the girl Since she was still very small, she suffered from it numerous and terrible allergies, which did not allow her to eat any kind of food. Therefore, her father was forced to create gods for her customized menus.

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