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Guest Foodist: We want you to send us your best rice recipe

Sour, creamy and powerfulSour, creamy and powerfulJuliaLaich

The first Guest Foodist of 2024 is dedicated to an affordable, simple, widely available and versatile food: rice. That's right, dear Comidisters, we have already had 13 editions of this culinary competition and have never decided to dedicate one to this muesli. So it's time we all honor this ingredient with our best recipes.

If what you sent us turns out to be the best of all, in addition to publishing your recipe and photo in El Comidista, you can also enjoy a gourmet megalos with 26 different products from our beloved Petra Mora store. This package, worth 186 euros, contains delicacies selected by the company from the best producers, such as extra virgin olive oil, creamy cheese, candied piquillo peppers or Rioja Rosalba red wine. And also other foods from Petra Mora's own animal husbandry, such as beef entrecôte.

What a lot of products, right?What many products, ehPETRA MORA

But what do I have to do?

Send us a recipe exactly as we published it in El Comidista, with a detailed list of ingredients and step-by-step preparation, as well as at least one horizontal photo of a dish that contains rice. Whether it is a dessert, a salad, a savory dish or round, basmati, bombe or arborio, the most important thing is that this cereal is included in your preparation. It is also important that it is original because the rules prohibit the reproduction of those that we have already published in El Comidista. The jury also appreciates the creativity and quality of the attached photos, because if you are the chosen one, we will take them too.

How can I participate?

First of all, you must be of legal age. Have you seen Los Fruittis? Great, you still have a few years left, so now you can send the recipe and photos to the email address [email protected] with the subject “Guest Foodie Rice”. If you want, you can also participate via Instagram: upload it to your profile via private message NOPlease – the image of the dish with the description of the ingredients and the steps to follow, mention our official account (@elcomidista) and put the hashtag #ComidistaInvitadoArroz. Be careful, your profile must be public during the competition period so that we can see the publication.

The entry period begins today at 8:00 a.m. and ends next Monday, February 12th at 11:59 p.m. Nowadays you can practice until you feed all your family members with rice.

Rice pudding has riceRice pudding has riceMiriam García Martínez

How do I send the prescription?

Just like the ones we publish in El Comidista: with a detailed list of ingredients and exact quantities. Nothing about “as big as my cinnamon cousin José Francisco’s hand” or “as big as an adult oregano peregrine falcon.” Please in units, grams, kilos, liters, milliliters, tablespoons or teaspoons.

Likewise, you must formulate the following preparation in the same way we do: written in the infinitive, with all the steps in the correct order and indicating the exact times or moments in the preparation. For example: “1. First, put all the vegetables except the beans in a pot – the spinach can also be added at the end and simply bring to the boil – cover with plenty of cold water, bring to the boil and cook over low heat for half an hour, adding water if necessary. “ Etc. The more detailed the description, the more likely you are to win.

Is photography essential?

Yes, the key is that your publication is the same as the one we receive from the other foodies, with their recipe and their appetizing photos of the dish. If possible, in horizontal and with a minimum size of 1500 pixels (these days almost every camera or cell phone takes higher resolution images, so you don't have to worry about that). If you upload it to Instagram, remember to save the original photo in case we ask you to publish it in maximum quality.

And what do I get?

Be a guest foodist, post your own recipe on our site and, as mentioned, a wonderful batch of Petra Mora products. Add something culinary and join in!

You can view the competition rules here.

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