Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto end their relationship and give

Gustavo Mioto breaks his silence about his separation from Ana Castela and sends a message to fans hoping for reconciliation; Watch

Gustavo Mioto takes measures to reunite with Ana Castela and friends wait for the singers' reconciliation (Photo: Leo Franco/AgNews)

Four days after announcing the end of his relationship with Ana Castela, Gustavo Mioto sent a message to fans welcoming the couple's return. In an interview with “Fofocalizando” on SBT this Friday (19), the singer revealed what he thinks about the expectation that the two will resume their relationship as they did in October last year.

Speaking to Leo Dias, Mioto was blunt and suggested that people go to therapy instead of putting unnecessary pressure on him and his ex. The journalist commented on the text published by Gustavo in which he asked people not to romanticize relationships and explained to the singer that it was natural for fans to wait for the couple's return.

Mioto replied: “My text wasn’t to avoid romanticizing our relationship. It was that they don't romanticize relationships, any of them. So you don't believe that everything is perfect, because no one in the world will be perfect.” The countryman added that people need to stop thinking “that everything is Disney.” The journalist then asked if he was angry, but Mioto denied this. “Man, that’s not crazy, no. To get myself off track I would have to work a little harder, I would have to be an artist because I never left,” he replied.

Leo said that because of the revelation, it was inevitable that his relationship with the singer would be romanticized. When asked if the communicator was sure what he was talking about and heard a positive response, Gustavo replied, “Then you need to go to therapy.” Regard:

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@euleodias spoke exclusively with Gustavo Mioto for Portal Leo Dias. The country singer opened his heart after splitting from Ana Castela!#FofocalizandoNoSBT

— Fofocalizando (@pfofocalizando) January 19, 2024

The compatriot also commented on his followers, pointing out that he had liked posts on social media that were indirectly aimed at Ana Castela. “I don’t need to send indirect messages. If I had something to say, I would call the person and say it,” he stressed.

In a post on the Instagram page “Bilhetes de Dor,” Mioto liked a post that said, “It's about who misses you at 3 a.m. when you're busy, not at 3 In the morning when you're alone.” In addition, three days ago, before the breakup was announced, Mioto also liked another comment on the Sentences of the Day page: “If 2 want, 2 try, 2 succeed, 2 succeed.”

This Monday (15) Ana Castela announced that she and the singer are no longer together. In the stories, the cowboy explained that there was no betrayal and no “pivot” in the breakup and that both were just in “different moments.” The artists began dating in June 2023 but ended their relationship three months later. In October, the cowboy confirmed through a post on Instagram that she and Gustavo had decided to get back together.