Harry and Meghan Markle infuriated the crown

Harry and Meghan Markle “infuriated the crown”

The Prince's Last Steps Harry And Meghan Markle They make a fuss. In the days when king Charles III He discovered he had one Cancer And Kate Middleton recovering from delicate abdominal surgery, the Sussexes are all caught up in a rebranding attempt that doesn't please the British press (and apparently not even the Crown). The two after launching the website Sussex.com they would have too.”changed the last name to their children Archie and Lilibet Diana»4 and 2 years, Replace Mountbatten-Windsor with Sussex, her peerage. Two innovations that, according to many royal observers, seem to be dictated by a precise strategy: Harry and Meghan, who are experiencing a sharp decline in popularity not only in the United Kingdom but also in America and are (apparently) short of money They are trying to revitalize their image by reaffirming their affiliation with the royal family. It's no coincidence that the elegant appears on the couple's new website – now in Canada for the Invictus Games coat of arms of the British royal family.

A gigantic contradiction, thunder several British tabloids, considering that after bidding farewell to the royal family and moving to the States, Harry and Meghan have never stopped firing poison darts at their august relatives (most recently with the bombshell book Spare). Not only: Elizabeth IIafter “Megxit”. The couple is banned from using their royal titles for commercial purposes unrelated to court duties. Instead, Harry and Meghan make no secret of their (grandiose) intentions on the new website. They want to “shape the future” by “Business and philanthropy.” According to royal expert Angela Levin, the late Queen Elizabeth clearly told Harry and Meghan “that she did not want them to use any royal title to make money.” They agreed, but instead broke their promise. They use their securities 100% to make as much money as possibleTO”.

There are also those who interpret the Sussexes' recent moves quite differently: not as an attempt to reaffirm royal status to gain money and popularity, but as Attempting to reconnect with the Windsors after much controversy. Whatever the truth, an insider told the British press that the Sussexes aren't…minimally interested in controversy are excited by their new decisions. In fact, their attention would be “fully focused on the health of King Charles III.” It is not known what the sovereign thinks of the Sussexes' attempt at rebranding. However, several tabloids claim that it would be “a lot.” irritatedTO”. However, Harry and Meghan's critics have no doubts: the Sussexes' new strategy would once again show that Harry and Meghan – included in the list by The Hollywood Reporter “big losers of 2023” – They are unable to build a life and career away from the royal family.