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“Hate sex” as a political trend | Ideas

Hate sex as a political trend Ideas

Who is your hate sex? I had never been asked this question until last weekend. But as some colleagues explained to me, it is a common question in confidant circles and involves choosing the person you hate to have sex with. What surprised me is that among the “hateful motherfuckers” in our gang, the politicians won overwhelmingly. Indeed, according to the sexual observatory of my colleagues, Papi Abascal would stand out as a hate sex among a certain homosexual public that, despite loathing the politician, slept with him without thinking about it. Isabel Díaz Ayuso would also be on the hate sex podium that both men and women who hate her want. And of course, Pedro Sánchez would be another great “fuckable because he’s disgusting.” Logical if we take into account the passionate hatred that his enemies have for him.

It should be noted that this is not the old “eroticism of power,” but a darker feeling: that of the sexual subjugation of the enemy. And that seemed to me to be the real thermometer of the country. So much so that I think this should be a new question in every CIS poll, since intention to hate sex would say more about us than intention to vote. All in all, it is an international phenomenon. For example, in this newspaper's recent report, “The Secret to Being Sexually Attracted to Someone You Don't Like,” a reader confessed her relationship with Boris Johnson in the comments section. “Even though he seemed disheveled and I actually hate him, he seems like a man I could easily have another child with!”

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Well, the first consideration that political hate sex deserves is how close the language of love passion is to that of war. And how closely we associate violence with passion and passion with politics. Desire is thus “conquest,” “possession,” “submission,” “surrender,” “mastery.” When we talk about seduction, we might even think of reduction.

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Because how do we distinguish hate from love? This is very difficult because in their form they are two very close connections. Perhaps the opposite of love would be indifference instead of hate. For example, what do all those people who claim that Pedro Sanchez is a “despicable pimp” think? Isn't it typical for a certain exhibitionist to show off everything he has? What if there was a form of recognition in political hatred? And if so, what would our political hate sex say about us? And at the same time: What would a good placement in the hate sex ranking say about a politician? It could be that the speech of certain politicians reaches citizens in a particularly aggressive way and that the electorate reacts to certain forms of political violence with fantasies of sexual violence if they cannot reduce it in the elections.

For my part, I confess that I have found the antidote to my political hate sex: I dream of tenderly caressing this person. The picture took away my desire for hate and sex. And I share it with the recommendation that politicians, in turn, should be encouraged to be gentler with their opponents. Hate has never led to good sex, much less good politics.

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