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He is Mario López, a MILLIONAIRE businessman who was the FRIEND of Nadia Ferreira, 61 years her senior

Nadia Ferreira And Mark Antony They wed on Jan. 28 in a grand ceremony that took place in Miami After a few weeks of saying yes to their families and friends, the newlyweds announced they are expecting their first baby together. However, this is not the only news to have repercussions as an old romance between the Paraguayan woman and Mario Lopez EstradaA Millionaire businessman what was it Friend of the model, but what is that 61 years older that she

The newlyweds used Valentine’s Day to announce the pregnancy Nadia Ferreira, because via Instagram they shared a photo showing the beauty queen’s baby bump. Now that the Paraguayan has formalized their relationship Mark AntonyThe beauty queen was recognized for her taste in older men because she had one when she was a teenager Friend what was it 61 years older that she

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This is currently worth mentioning Nadia Ferreira is 23 years old while her husband,Mark Antony She’s 54 years old, so this rumor that she likes older men could be a fact. According to various sources, Nadia had an affair with in 2015 when she was 16 years old Mario Lopez EstradaA Millionaire businessman which was clear 61 years older.

Mario Lopez Estradaa recognized one businessman Guatemalan who allowed him to become a man millionaire who has been included in the Forbes list of the most influential men for being the owner of Comunicaciones Celulares, SA (Tigo). According to these sources, whoever was Friend from Nadia Ferreira As of 2015, he is worth over $1 billion.

He is Mario Lopez a MILLIONAIRE businessman who was the

that year that Nadia Ferreira had from Friend for the Millionaire businessman, Mario Lopez Estrada, the Paraguayan represented Guairá in the Miss Teen Universe Paraguay 2015 pageant. López Estrada’s wife, who called Nadia a “homebreaker,” was reported to have attended the contest, as this woman held a sign that read, “Nadia Ferreira, stop messing around my husband. They’re destroying a home.”

at that time Nadia Ferreira She was heavily criticized by the press for dating a man 61 years older that she, hitherto the wife of Mark Antony He hasn’t spoken out about this alleged romance where it is said Mario Lopez Estrada was Friend the beauty queen when she was 16 years old and still a minor.