The President of Bolivia meets with the Foreign Minister of Venezuela

Bolivia President Luis Arce met Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil this Thursday at the Casa Grande del Pueblo to review the status of bilateral cooperation.


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“In the Casa Grande del Pueblo we met with the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Yván Gil Pinto,” reported the President of the Plurinational State.

Likewise, the head of state stated that both peoples reaffirmed their desire to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation.

“We greet brother President Nicolás Maduro, long live the great fatherland!” Arce concluded his message.

For his part, the Bolivarian foreign minister described the meeting as fruitful, describing how both senior officials exchanged views on the need to maintain a permanent work route.

“Functional meeting with President Luis Arce at Casa Grande del Pueblo where we discussed the need to maintain a lasting work path to strengthen and revitalize collaborative projects between our nations in the multilateral arena,” Gil wrote on his Twitter account.