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"He is very…"; Domitila, who was expelled from BBB 23, tells about her boyfriend after the boy’s identity is…


The exsister spoke about Moritz Carlo, the German businessman she has been dating for seven years.

Domitila during the BBB chat  Image: Reproduction/GloboDomitila during the BBB chat Image: Reproduction/Globo

Shortly after retiring from the BBB 23, Domitila Barros participated in the BBB chat and opened the game about the so mysterious friend, in which he always avoided revealing details during confinement. In reality, she revealed that she has been in a relationship for seven years, but she had never said who the partner was.

Speaking to presenters Vivian Amorim and Patrícia Ramos, she decided to talk more about the topic. The exsister initially said that the boy was not Brazilian and was quite shy. Soon after her compared to Brazilian singer Dilsinho. “Of everyone who went to the house, the only person I associated with him was Dilsinho,” says the model. “You missed him so much that you saw his face on the singers’ faces,” jokes Vivian Amorim.

> Image: Playback/Globo

They also asked if Domitila’s boyfriend was a discreet person and the exsister replies that he is. “He’s the opposite of me. He’s very shy,” she explains of why she kept the relationship “a secret.” Immediately, Domitila sent him a message in German, and the moderators translate: “It was a declaration of love. The simultaneous translation says that she loves you, misses you and is coming.

Who is Domitila Barros’ boyfriend?

Last Tuesday (18), Gshow revealed the identity of Domitila’s boyfriend after the exsister mentioned the name ‘Mori’ on her last day of confinement. Mori is actually Moritz Carlo, a German businessman with whom the social activist has a relationship. The information was confirmed by Roberta Barros, Domitila’s mother.