Hickman39s Defense Says Ex39s Incessant Intimidation Attempts Splash

Hickman's Defense Says Ex's Incessant Intimidation Attempts Splash

The start of the boy's vacation with his father would have been postponed from January 3rd to January 9th. The change would have been approved by Correa's attorney. “This shows once again the malice and intention of Alexandre Correa to bully himself and distract from his responsibilities as a father, partner and citizen.”

The public argument between the parents would make the excouple's son sad. “We deplore the manner in which the parent uses psychological abuse and emotional blackmail to gain his own benefits, disregarding the wellbeing of his son, who has shown sadness and discomfort in various situations.”

This is a ceaseless attempt to intimidate and embarrass Ana Hickmann, cause procedural unrest, and trivialize the physical and emotional violence inflicted since 11/11/2023. Defense of Ana Hickmann

Alezinho's vacation with his father was supposed to start tomorrow. The defense emphasized that visits were also carried out “rigorously”.

Request for Arrest for Parental Alienation

Alexandre Correa opened a lawsuit against Ana Hickmann for parental alienation at the IACHR (InterAmerican Court of Human Rights). He had already requested Hickmann's arrest last week, claiming that he was being denied visits from his son.