Hungarian Parliament ratified Sweden39s admission to NATO

Hungarian Parliament ratified Sweden's admission to NATO

This seals Sweden's acceptance into the transatlantic alliance as the 32nd member state.

The Hungarian parliament approved on Monday the ratification of Sweden's membership in NATO with a two-thirds majority of the national ruling right-wing party Fidesz and the votes of the liberal opposition. There were 188 yes votes and six no votes. These negative votes came from the right-wing extremist party “Mi Hazánk” (Our Homeland). With the ratification, the Fidesz party gave up the boycott against Sweden, which had been ongoing since 2022.

However, ratification only becomes valid with the signature of the head of state. The President of Parliament, László Kövér, will be responsible for his duties until the new President takes office on March 5th. Kövér had previously criticized Sweden's membership of NATO.

The Hungarian ratification must then be formally deposited with the US State Department in Washington. In the following days, Sweden could be welcomed as the 32nd member of the alliance with a ceremony in which the Swedish flag will be raised in front of NATO headquarters in Brussels.