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"I didn't feel any pressure because it's my interpretation": Miguel Bernardeau talks about his starring role in “Zorro” RPP News

Brenda Garcia Retamal

Miguel Bernardeau puts himself in the shoes of the masked vigilante in the Prime Video series and assures that he feels no pressure to succeed Antonio Banderas.

“I tried to do it as best as possible, to make the character my own, to give it my interpretation,” commented Miguel Bernardeau, putting himself in the shoes Diego de la Vega, following in the footsteps of Antonio Banderas when the legendary vigilante brought him to life 19 years ago. Although many still think of Banderas, the actor assures that he feels no pressure in taking the baton.

“That's a different story, I was able to enjoy more and have fun without so much pressure,” he explained. “At first, when they gave me the scripts, I felt a certain respect, but during filming I completely forgot about it and I no longer felt that pressure. I didn’t have time to stop and think about the respect it gives you,” he added.

The Zorro series with the main roles Miguel Bernardeaualso shares roles with the Mexican Renata Notni and was produced for the Prime Video platform.

What is Zorro about?

The series shows a younger Diego de la Vega than in previous projects and tells how he becomes the first Fox not native. Although he initially has no intention of donning the iconic vigilante suit, he will discover the true situation of the residents of California during the Mexican period (1821-1846) and the injustices they suffered on a daily basis.

“It's a new one Fox, different from the previous ones. Younger, who matures over the course of the series and has a nice story arc. He suddenly becomes a man because he goes from child to adult, he understands that his past and his father are not what he believed, and many of his principles and origins are messed up. And then he has to find out for himself who he is,” he told EFE.

Now this new series is presented with ten episodes, written by Carlos Portela and directed by Javier Quintas, Jorge Saavedra and José Luis Alegría, with a “totally renewed” story and adapted to the current times.

“It's a great job they did on the script, I really liked it from the start. It's a necessary renewal of the characters, the dynamics and it also includes current things like more female characters, empowered and strong. Even.” Although it is contemporary, “it has the modernization of a lot of concepts that I think is missing in a series now,” he replied forcefully. Miguel Bernardeau.

A more comprehensive version

One of the aspects that attract attention in this new version of Fox is the modern perspective of the series, which includes strong and independent female characters as well as an active role of the indigenous population.

“Women want to be represented as we are. With it.” Fox We are breaking away from tradition,” explained the Mexican actress Renata Norniwho plays Lolita, Diego's lover.

Dalia Xiuhcoatl, who plays an indigenous warrior, also said she was “very proud” to bring to life a character who treated indigenous women with “honor and respect.”

The series consists of a single season comprising ten episodes, each lasting 50 minutes. The production took place over a seven-month period in the Canary Islands and features a diverse cast of Spanish-Mexican origins.