quotI do not compress and do not acceptquot Gustavo Benedeti

"I do not compress and do not accept…"; Gustavo Benedeti defends Key Alves and asks the athlete for respect after…


In a space on the Twitter social network, Gustavo’s fans insulted the volleyball player

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Gustavo Benedeti  Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Key AlvesPhoto 1: Reproduction/Instagram Gustavo Benedeti Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Key Alves

After tweeting an excerpt of a conversation between Gustavo Benedeti’s fans at Space, in which they attacked and insulted Key Alves, Cowboy defended the athlete and demanded respect for the volleyball player: “As I said in the stories yesterday, ( (the is still on the air) and in multiple spaces, I do not condone or condone attacks on Key or any other woman, I ask for your support from the bottom of my heart. KEY DESERVES RESPECT.”

In the audio of the conversation circulating on social networks, Gustavo Cowboy’s fans insult the athlete, calling her “Go STD“, mentioning the sexually transmitted disease. Key Alves fans were quick to upload the TAG.”The key deserves respect“, where they positioned themselves in favor of the athlete and against the words of the former BBB 23’s fans.

> Reproduction/Twiiter Official Gustavo Benedeti

Speaking in conversation, one of Gustavo’s fans says, “I think whoever is going to stay with her today won’t be left without protection,” said the user, identified as Art. “And she likes it without,” replied another boy. “No, but the staff will do everything to protect it,” said the first netizen. Fans continued, “She said she doesn’t usually stay with anyone at a party,” said another Gustavo fan. “Ah, because the mine is almost a walking venereal disease,” added the user Art.

Despite all the implications for the matter, Key commented on her Twitter: “Respect! I am a woman who left home at the age of 14, I worked and fought for my dreams. Today, at 23, I’m independent, me.” Don’t rely on a man, I’m a professional athlete, businesswoman, entrepreneur and millionaire. I will never accept a man telling me what to do!” the former sister wrote.