I refuse to associate with ugly women

“I refuse to associate with ugly women”

So! A certain Kevin refuses to date ugly women. He affirms it loud and clear, even if he risks staying single for a long time.

“I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt, but I know I can attract pretty women,” says the 42-year-old single father, who lives in Scotland. “I don’t like ugly women,” he says.

The muscular man is looking for a girlfriend with long, falling rather than standing hair, attractive and with an imposing chest.

Kevin openly admits his standards are high and refuses to give up on his quest for love.

The machinist by profession is categorical, he can only fall in love with the woman who meets all his criteria. He has no intention of making any concessions.

The TikToker, who mostly posts about his dog, has been single on and off for the past three years. In the past, he already had a long-term relationship.

Kevin realizes the male competition for pretty women isn’t easy.

“I’m just not ready to settle for second best [choix]. I realize I could be alone for a long time,” says difficult Kevin.