Ida Platano have you ever seen it before UeD Without

Ida Platano, have you ever seen it before UeD? Without the tweaks, it was another | PHOTO

Ida Platano has been the talk of the town ever since she took part in Men and Women Over, the dating show that airs on Canale 5. All sorts of things happen every time the lady is involved, and she often takes center stage in the new episodes as well. But remember before the program? It was like this.

Ida Platano firstIda Platano before UeD –

One of the old acquaintances of the Throne above of men and women it is of course Ida Platano who certainly does not go unnoticed. sicilian document, Ida had a long relationship with Riccardo Guarneri who returned to the studio during the last edition of the program, but not to woo her.

In short, between one knight and the other, Ida is once again looking for her true love, but do you know what the lady was like before she came to the dating show? Likewise She succumbed to a few changes... let’s find out which ones!

Ida Platano in front of men and women: That’s how it was

Ida Platano is one of the most prominent protagonists of Men and Women Over, where, after several visits, he left the program together with Riccardo Guarnieri, with whom it seemed that there could be a happy ending.

Ida Platano on men and womenIda Platano for men and women –

Unfortunately, after some time their relationship did not last, even if he did not cause the lady’s broadcast a couple of times.

Ida is still the protagonist in Maria De Filippi’s program, beautiful and sensual as always, but in many They noticed the difference in his physical appearance before joining the Channel 5 program.

Indeed, it is suspected Ida resorted to plastic surgery for some tweaksby changing an aspect of her face that made her look younger.

Ida Platano before and afterIda Platano before and after –

She herself shared a photo on social media some time ago he was in the studio of Giacomo Urtis, the famous VIP surgeon. According to some sources, Ida would have chosen a Multivitamin treatment with collagento rejuvenate your skin a little.

Even looking at her past and current photos, some think so Ida didn’t stop at facelifts, but it seems that her lips have also become much more voluminous. Even the breasts seem to be different, many thought that Ida also intervened to add some size.

What do you think? In any case, the lady in Maria De Filippi’s studio is still very beautiful and above all controversial.

Ida Platano, what will happen to Alessandro Vicinanza?

retouch or not, Ida is still the protagonist of Throne Over in recent weeks and the debate over his choice is open, particularly among the show’s commentators Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti.

Ida PlatanoIda Platano –

In fact, Ida seems to be dating Alessandro Vicinanza, an old acquaintance of his from Men and Women. There was already talk of possible participation during the episodes of the show, but now too Gossip expert Deianira Marzano fueled the gossip.

The influencer shared a photo in which she can be seen Alessandro and Ida together for dinnerPaparazzi of some fans as they spent the evening together.

A seemingly harmless encounter, but what is really between the two? The questions are many, especially why Alessandro recently revealed himself to be Roberta Di Padua in an episodewho returned to the studio.

Vicinanza actually expressed his interest in the lady and invited her to dance together several times.

A turn of events that has upset many people since Alessandro explained last week that he still thinks about Ida and then the photos of the two together came out.

How will the situation between Ida and Alessandro develop? Will you still talk about it? Lets see what happens.