Im dying to cheat on her

“I’m dying to cheat on her

Fernanda returned from the Wall, but continues to disturb BBB 24. On Thursday evening, February 22nd, Leidy he spoke out against his rival on the Globo reality show.

Fernanda on “BBB 24”

Fernanda on “BBB 24”

Photo: Reproduction/ Globo / Mais Novela

The topic came up when Lucas commented on the pastry chef's approach David. “Fernanda and Davi are talking to each other…” he said. Then Leidy criticized: “She's forcing it because I screamed that she was a fake and spoke badly about him… When I saw it, I didn't understand anything.”

Yasmin Brunet, who was also in the conversation also commented on this. “I don't know if she's forcing it, but I know she doesn't have patience,” the model explained.

Without mincing words, the trancista explained that Fernanda would be her main target if she wins the next Leader's Test. “I'm dying to outsmart them if I catch the leader. She will go straight. “I'm crazy!” he shot.


According to Leidy's guesses, Fernanda forces a friendship with Davi and if she wins, the leader will put her on the wall! What is this Ludmilla song really like? Talk about me 24 hours a day 🤭



— Fernanda Bande 🐺 (@nandabande)

February 23, 2024