1708655804 No it39s not Stefano the villain from MasterChef

No, it's not Stefano, the villain from “MasterChef”

Although people on the street often apostrophize him by comparing him to the fiery star chef Gordon Ramsay, Stefano Faita does not see himself as “the evil judge of”. Master chefHAS”.

“For me, neither me nor Martin are bad,” he told QMI Agency with a laugh.

The chefs Stefano Faita and Martin Picard.

“Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency”

The chefs Stefano Faita and Martin Picard.

“I think it's funny to see that in people's eyes there really needs to be a 'bad guy' on the jury.” We're not here to destroy anyone. The goal is to be objective and healthy in our comments, but also to be able to help these chefs develop,” emphasized the chef and owner of the restaurant. “Impasto.”

“At the start of the season I feel like we looked a little rougher, but I think as time goes on we look more polished. “We felt comfortable and seemed to soften,” he added, emphasizing that the overall human, friendly side was very strong on the set of MasterChef Québec.

“Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency”

Additionally, as the competition progresses, it becomes more apparent that the eliminations are heartbreaking, especially when contestants of great ability fail the challenge of elimination, as was the case with Kimberly, who was eliminated two weeks ago.

“I have received many messages from people wanting to know why we made this decision. Yes, she may have had a little more talent than others, but during the challenge she made a mistake, her hollandaise sauce came off,” he recalled, adding that cleaning the kitchen was part of the game.

“Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency”

“We have to say the real things. […] “We don’t judge the dishes in relation to the characters, we judge the dishes for the dishes,” said the chef, whose favorite dish this season was Meriem’s stuffed squid.

“It's always hard to let someone go, but the fewer candidates left, the worse it is. For us at the end, when there were only five or four left, it was heartbreaking because we saw how far that person had come.”

“Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency”

It is also individual progress that was used to decide between specific candidates who were equal on all counts during the elimination challenge. “We had to be selective and pay attention to the little details, but I remember wondering how we were going to do it,” he said.

Notes on the finale

Filming for MasterChef Quebec wrapped in mid-January. And to say the least: “The finale will be something”.

For the occasion, three guest judges will be invited to the stage to help him and Martin crown the winner, who will win $50,000 in addition to major awards.

Photo provided by TVA

“The final was very close and I advise people to keep watching because the final will be special,” argued Stefano.

In his opinion, to get this far in the competition, the candidates would have to have talent, develop tastes and have developed over the weeks. “The taste will be the most important point for us, but it remains that it is a whole,” specified the judge, who would like to return to the kitchen this year.

The finale of MasterChef Québec will air on TVA on April 4th. The daily show can be watched during the week from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and in the catch-up program on TVA+.