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“I'm pouring myself 4 Coors Lights”: The bartender overhears a bad first date. She decides to end it with a trick – The Daily Dot

There is no justice like that of a bartender. Take, for example, this story about vigilantes spilling out on a bad first date.

TikTok creator Morgan Roos (@morganroos96) released a series of videos called “Dive Bar Storytime” in which she shared her experiences as a bartender, and several of them went viral. One posted in May 2022 recently resurfaced on the app and sparked numerous conversations among viewers, especially those who can't stand beer bro behavior.

The video currently has 1.4 million views and almost 280,000 likes. “If you want to be stupid, you better be tough,” the TikTok caption reads.

The story began when a man walked into Roos' bar around 5 p.m. She asked what she could get for him, but he interrupted her, raised his hand and said he wanted water because he was waiting for someone. Then a woman came in and looked around, and Roos thought, “No, please don't let this be your first date because I'll make it horrible for both of you.”

The rocky beginning continued, Roos said, when the man told his date that she looked nothing like her profile pictures. “Holy [expletive], this guy sucks,” Roos thought. To make matters worse, the woman ordered a vodka cranberry and the man mocked her and said, “What is this, college?”

Roos remembered that the man didn't want to read the menu and told him to bring her the best IPA the bar had. The bartender poured him a regular Dale's Pale Ale instead. “At this point, you get what I give you,” she confided to viewers. He took a sip and said, “Oh yeah, you can really tell from the flavor profile that it's a good, hoppy IPA.” Roos said he then started talking about his passion for craft beers and his discerning palate rant. He boasted that if he was presented with any four beers on tap, he could tell them apart by taste.

Roos called his bluff and challenged him to a blind taste test. However, to the delight of onlookers, she said: “I'm going to pour four Coors Lights.”

According to the creator, the man actually couldn't tell them apart. He called them Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bud Light, an IPA and another Pabst. “How does he do that?” Roos remarked sarcastically.

As the bartender burst his bubble, she remembered him asking, “Do you think it's funny to trick people?” Roos replied, “Do you think it's funny to brag about something you suck at?”

The commentators lived for the story.

“I started making a salt rim out of all the sugar rims when people order lemon drops. Watch the one confused person try to figure out the rules,” one commenter wrote. Roos replied: “That’s absolutely diabolical. I’ll steal that.”

Another commenter wrote that “love of craft beer as a personality trait” is a red flag.

“I love craft beer, but some guys are so condescending about it! They all think they are Cicerones. “I’ve never met a woman who behaves like this around beer,” one viewer wrote.

@morganroos96 If you're going to be stupid, you'd better be tough. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #divebar #bartender #serviceindustry #firstdatenightmare #coorslight #storytime #denver #fyp ♬ Original sound – Morgan Roos

“What makes you even think Coors Light tastes like an IPA?” Not even close buddy!” one comment read.

“I can tell the difference between most name brand beers but Coors would baffle me now because when it's not cold it's even more terrible,” someone added.

“This TikTok is timeless. It proves what I knew 40 years ago. “Customer BS is strong,” read another comment.

“When I go to the bar for a first date I make sure I get along well with the bartender, he plays a big role,” one person commented.

“Coors stands for rehydration and beer pong. Hopefully she never sees him again,” another commented.

“I would have just stood there and laughed at him,” one viewer added.

The Daily Dot contacted Roos via email.

The creator's previous viral bartending stories include: A video about taking a shift at a new bar without knowing a regular was an absolute threat to the jukebox.

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*First published: January 27, 2024, 6:00 p.m. CST

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